8 Simple Steps to Get Started Wholesaling Real Estate

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Sep 16, 2022

Have you been considering getting into real estate with little knowledge and no license? Have you been curious about how to raise funds for investment but all to no avail? If you are willing to become a real estate wholesaler and these are some of the questions you’ve been asking, then read on; this article provides you with ten practical steps to help you get started. Diving into real estate investment requires some upfront capital. This is why so many shy away from it. An important example is Real estate wholesaling.

Wholesale real estate is one of the one of the aspects of real estate that people who don’t have capital can venture into. There is nothing that can’t be learned, Don’t be discouraged by rumors. Real estate investors learn everything they know. Be ready to understand what you need to start real estate wholesaling.

What is real estate wholesaling?

Real estate wholesaling is the method that real estate investors where they acquire a contract from a property owner and subsequently assigns or sells the contract to an end buyer for a higher price.

The difference between these rates is the wholesaler’s profit. Wholesalers don’t pay for or take possession of the property; they only ensure they find a buyer before the original contract expires. Wholesalers find motivated sellers or distressed properties by searching public records, cold-calling or networking with other investors.

Sometimes, the motivated seller gives a timeframe for which they want their property sold. The wholesaler must then find an interested buyer within the allotted time. In short, wholesalers do the legwork to find the seller a cash offer and if the wholesaler is successful, they’ll earn a handsome profit without putting up any capital of their own.

Steps to get started in real estate wholesaling

Real estate wholesaling is like any other field. It would be best if you had technical know-how before you get started. You need to gather all the information you can and gain experience moving forward.

The first thing you need to be sure of is if wholesaling is for you because wholesaling is not for everyone. It requires much effort and time, so patience is the price not everyone is willing to pay. Wholesaling doesn’t work like magic, and It’s not a quick money scheme. You will only get from it what you put into it. With that said, Let me walk you through the steps involved in wholesaling in real estate.

Step 1: Conduct thorough research

But first, you have to familiarize yourself with your local market. You might not know the local market you want to enter, so you must identify the market. Then, take some time to search for four neighborhoods with possible deals and get acquainted with them.

Step 2: Compile a list of buyers

With the end view in mind, you must start compiling a buyer’s list. These buyers are usually real estate investors, so you need to network to get them to buy from you when you get a deal. Therefore, it would be best if you had good networking skills. You don’t have to have a list containing 500 people; start small; so far, they are quality leads it works fine.

Step 3: Prepare your logistics

If you want to be successful in real estate wholesaling, You must approach the endeavor as a business. While you may succeed in wholesaling when you treat it as a hobby, the advantages grow dramatically the more time you put into it. However, if you want to make a career out of real estate wholesaling, you need to approach it like a respectable business.

Step 4: Find a motivated seller

The first step in finding a motivated seller is finding an off-market distressed property. The best way to find these properties is to drive for dollars in your chosen neighborhood. When you finish your drive for dollars session, you will select your preferred marketing channel to contact the property owner.
You could do a direct mail or knock at the house. Whatever strategy you choose, the goal is to locate a motivated seller to whom you could market.

Step 5: Negotiate

Good negotiation skill is one that every real estate wholesaler must have. After locating the property owner, it’s imperative that you now convince them as to why they need to sell their property and why it has to be through you. In addition, you must have noted the property’s state as it strengthens your negotiation. Never place a bid for a price that is too low or too high. Research the price of average homes in that area and the cost of repairing things in the property.

Step 6: Get the property under a contract

When you’ve agreed with the seller, the next thing is to get the property under a contract. Again, understanding how to get the property under a contract is essential. The price, terms, and conditions must be discussed during the negotiation process. So, you get an attorney, and you sign the contract.

Step 7: Find your end buyer

Technically, this step happened while you were compiling your buyer’s list. When you acquire the contract, you want to find which of your prospects you wish to assign the contract to. That is the investor that has shown interest in the property.

Step 8: Assign the contract

When you’ve successfully chosen your end buyer, it’s time to assign the contract to your buyer. The investor will draft an assignment of the contract agreement. All pertinent information of the contract should be included in the contract, specifically, that you are giving them the contract in exchange for payment (the contract should consist of the actual payment amount). The contract will be transferred as a result of this procedure.

On a final note, Statistically, there is a likelihood that you don’t land your first deal immediately after you start. Don’t give up. Put in the required effort, and it will eventually pay off.

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