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Saavy buyers are doing a lot of the work during the home search process.
Get rewarded for your work with our commission refund.

1. Search for any home

Our search is integrated with your local multiple listing service. This means we have all of the listings currently on the market, right when they are listed.

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2. Book showings on demand

No more chasing down an agent to access a property. Schedule a showing instantly on our website or through the app.

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3. Work with a full-service agent

We do more than just show you homes. Our experiencd agents assist with everything from negotiation, inspection, and contract support.

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4. Get Cash Back

Savvy buyers are doing a lot fo the work in the home search process these days. Get rewarded for your work with our Buyer's Refund Program.

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Traditional Agent

We recognize that savvy home buyers are doing a lot of the work in the home search process by themselves, often finding the home they ultimately buy on their own before hiring an agent. We reward savvy buyers for their efforts. Instead of keeping the full commission, we refund up to half of our commission at closing. Terms & Conditions apply. Book a showing to get started.

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What our customers have to say

Get expert guidance and the biggest commission refund in the industry.

The Shiver Family

Reviewed May 2018

We just closed on our new home in Tampa and received a great big refund check too! We are so grateful for SimpleShowing. Jeremy was very helpful showing us numerous houses over a couple months of home shopping and guided us through every step of the home buying process. He truly had our best interests at heart and paid attention to every detail.

Sean Shuyin

Reviewed May 2018

Our experience with Fred and his team while buying our first home has been nothing less than fantastic. He was very responsive to all of our requests and questions we had during the home buying process. He also made sure to protect us, the buyer, from making impulsive and potentially bad decisions in a very competitive housing market which "almost surely" resulted in a multi-offer situation. We ended up purchasing a unique property in a trendy and growing area well within our budget. Highly recommended!!!!!

Luke Beard

Reviewed July 2018

We were recommended Simple Showing by a friend on Twitter after having a frustrating and slow time starting to look at buying our first home in Atlanta, GA. We were loathing the process until we started working with the SimpleShowing team. After a pretty flawless experience from offer to close, we were excited to receive our Simple Showing refund of over $8,000 that was handed to us the minute we were done. An excellent way to wrap up buying our first home. Overall Simple Showing was just what we needed. 🙌

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't using an agent free to me as a buyer?

Not exactly. When a seller lists their home, they specify what they’ll pay their Listing Agent to sell their home and what they’ll pay a Buyer’s Agent (typically 3% to each agent, 6% in total.) If the buyer doesn’t have an agent, generally the Listing Agent receives both commissions. While the seller actually pays the commission, it’s with money they receive from the buyer. In essence, you as the buyer are really the one paying this commission. So why not get some of your money back with the SimpleShowing Buyer’s Refund?

How do you refund so much money?

The short answer is by letting savvy buyers like you do the shopping. Our model is not designed to support buyers that are at the earliest stage of their home search or buyers who want to tour dozens of properties per week for several months. Rather, we support buyers who already have a good sense of their target zip code, price point and purchase timeframe. By working primarily with these buyers, we are able to deliver unparalleled value, guidance and expertise. Because our buyers are sharing more of the work themselves during the search process, we’re able to refund up to half of our commission.

How does the refund work?

The seller typically pays us 2.5% - 3% of the home purchase price for representing you as your "Buyer's Agent". Instead of keeping it all, we give you up to half of our net commission in the form of a physical check or a closing credit. This typically results in a Buyer Refund of 1.25% to 1.5% — or about $6,000 on average!

Please note: The refund is subject to a minimum net commission of $3,500 to SimpleShowing and may decrease on a tiered basis after the first five showings. It also may be subject to lender approval and could be restricted with certain loan products. Talk with your mortgage professional about your anticipated Buyer Refund. See Terms and Conditions for complete details about our Buyer Refund.