4 Remodel Ideas to Make Your Home More Luxurious and Comfortable

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Jun 22, 2024

Home upgrades are an excellent way to make your home more comfortable while adding value to your property. You can make your home luxurious by adding strategic aesthetic touches. However, choosing the perfect pieces for your home depends on your lifestyle and design expertise to help bring your dream to life. Here are a few luxurious home remodel ideas to create a breathtaking living space.

Walk in Closets

Walk-in closets are some of the most coveted interior design features in a modern home. This makes it an ideal remodel option to modernize your home. Since closets are popular hotspots for clutter, it’s vital to increase the available storage space in the wardrobe. If you don’t have enough space to create a spare room, you can partition a section of your bedroom to install the closet.

Walk-in closets offer numerous opportunities to add ultra-modern, lavish design features to your home. Besides expanding the storage space, the design can showcase your collection and create an impression of a contemporary boutique. In addition, adding a cozy, customized dressing space can make your home more luxurious.

Home Integration and Automation

With smart technology becoming an essential feature in modern lifestyle, many new homes are equipped with intelligent systems like Google Home, Ring, and Nest. The desire for technological convenience in home automation proves a worthy investment in renovation projects to introduce luxury functionalities.

Most homeowners considering home upgrade projects want to incorporate smart technology in their designs. This upgrade seems relevant since comfort and functionality are the main reasons to buy luxury products. Smart home systems have convenient features, including voice-activated controls, which can help optimize energy efficiency.

Modern luxury homes have cutting-edge design features and products. Besides adopting smart technology in interior appliances, other home functionalities can be automated. Automated robot vacuum cleaners, sprinkler systems, garage door openers, and blinds can make your home more comfortable.

Install Spa-Like Features in Your Bathroom

An occasional spa session helps you take a break from a fast-paced lifestyle and recharge your system. Equipping your bathroom with luxury amenities provides easier access to features that promote wellness and self-care. According to studies, at least 41% of homeowners use the bathroom to rest and relax.

Adding extra bathing tubs with powered jets can make your bathroom practical and sophisticated. In addition, open-layout showers are trendy luxury designs that eliminate the door, making the space feel spacious and aesthetic. High-end countertops and flooring materials are vital for a luxury bathroom. Most importantly, don’t forget to add a custom vanity, dressing table, and statement lighting fixtures to create a dynamic look.

You can add more features for a cozier bathroom to create a truly spa-like environment. Features like heated towel bars, heated floors, sauna, automated toilets, and body spray shower systems can be great additions to your bathroom. Since quality is critical in luxury homes, it’s prudent to source your building and decor materials from reliable suppliers like Harbor Exports.

Add Focal Points and Accent  Walls

Creating unique spaces is one of the vital things to consider when infusing luxury into your home, and focal points can create a bold statement. A focal point is an attention-drawing area that helps highlight other decor and design features in a room. For instance, a fireplace is a perfect spot to build your focal point that allows you to display your collectibles.

Your art pieces should reflect the design theme in your space to ensure maximum impact. If you plan to incorporate modern luxury, quality sculptures can be a great way to give your home an artistic flair. However, lighting choices can impact the visual appeal of your artistic work. You should prioritize lighting fixtures that can spotlight the collection and create a high-end art gallery impression.

Luxurious living rooms often feature clearly defined spaces. And unlike basic focal points, accent walls complement the design features of your home. Typically, accent walls create a unique space that embodies design and architectural elements that portray the design inspiration to your personal style.

Depending on your interior design theme, you can create an accent wall with artwork, bold colors, and high-end wallpapers. Most importantly, accent walls help you create areas that define, customize, and elevate the overall visual appeal of your living area.


Luxury home remodels often elevate your living space and make your home more luxurious and appealing. Since there are endless upgrade options, ensure that your remodeling design is attractive and highly functional. Most importantly, make sure your home’s architecture matches your proposed design upgrade for a long-term impact.

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