4 Things To Consider When Viewing Homes In Reno

Buying a home is always an exciting time for anyone. Whether you plan on living alone or moving in with your family, the process should be positive, as it marks a milestone in your life. To make that happen, you should take the time to consider all factors before you make a decision. Seeing the house in photos or even videos won’t be enough – viewing it personally is more helpful to ensure everything is right before you sign anything.

If you’ve chosen Reno as the perfect location for your new home, congratulations! The biggest little city in the world is home to families and people who want to experience how it’s like to live in a vibrant region where taxes are relatively low, more jobs are available, and recreation is available at any time of the year.

Viewing a house in Reno

It’s tempting to get carried away when viewing homes, especially when you’re too excited and can’t wait to settle in. It’s easy to find a house and picture yourself living there. You look at the neighborhood and think it’s precisely what you want for your new property.

But before you say yes and decide without thinking about it too much, you might want to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. If you’re viewing a second-hand property, there could be dark secrets hiding somewhere. It would help if you were extremely vigilant so you don’t fall into an expensive trap that could make you regret your decision.

That said, you might want to consider the following things first when viewing homes in Reno:

1.) Room size

One crucial factor to consider is if the house will be big enough for you and your family. Sometimes, rooms will seem bigger and more spacious than they are. It could be in the choice of furniture and how things were arranged inside the rooms if it’s not a totally empty house.

Although the dimensions may have been included in the property listing, making sure the measurements are accurate won’t hurt. While viewing, try to think of how you’ll be arranging your stuff if you choose to buy the house. Will everything fit? Is there room or opportunity for expansion, and if yes, will it cost a lot of money?

The house may be ideal for your current family size, but if you plan to have more children soon, can the residence still accommodate everyone? It makes sense to think ahead and plan for your family’s future while viewing homes in Reno.

2.) Structural conditions

Another item to include in your home viewing checklist is the property’s structural condition. For one, roof shingles should be well maintained. Missing or curling shingles could indicate that the roof has been neglected or poorly maintained by the previous owner.

Other things to consider when checking the condition of the home are:

  • Potential leaks
  • Moisture
  • Musty odors that could indicate mold
  • Cracking paint around the window sill
  • Dampness on window frames and interior walls
  • Water in the basement
  • Faulty windows and doors

You might also want to check any plumbing or electrical issues that could cause expensive repairs later. Check if electrical wirings are correctly installed. You can also bring an expert to get a more professional opinion regarding these household aspects.

3.) How long has the property been on sale?

When viewing homes, it’s crucial to find out how long they’ve been listed on the market. If it’s been up for sale for more than six months, that could be a red flag that you can’t ignore. There might be an underlying reason or problem holding up potential buyers.

Along with the question, you could also ask why the seller or owner is letting go of the property. The answer may be a giveaway to help you get a lower asking price. For example, if the owners are leaving the country or moving to another state, they’re most likely in a hurry to sell the house. If so, they might be open to accepting a lower price to close the deal.

4.) Parking space

Some properties may not come with suitable parking spaces. If you have a vehicle, you should consider how much space you have to ensure your car’s safety and security. Sellers may list two-car parking options, but that still depends on the size and make of the vehicles you have.

Your cars should fit the space or garage comfortably. Check if you can park and get the vehicles out easily. You don’t want parking spaces where you can barely open the doors once you’ve parked the car.

Final words Viewing homes in Reno is indeed an exciting phase in anyone’s life. However, you can’t let the excitement get in the way of making a better judgment. Your home is a significant investment that can put a dent in your bank account. So, it’s only fitting to make sure you’re wiser and more practical when viewing potential properties that could be your next home.

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