5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Sell Your House Quickly

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Jul 1, 2022

When homeowners put their homes on the market, the hope is to sell them as quickly as possible. But factors such as the status of the market, property location, property condition, asking price, and how long the property has been on the market affect the speed of a home sale.

The average time to sell a home is 55 to 70 days (about two months). And this is assuming that an offer arrives within 16 days of listing the property and it takes about 30 to 45 days to close the deal. In reality, it may take longer for some people to sell their homes.

There are situations where a lengthy sale process could cause a lot of stress or financial strain for homeowners. If you are in this situation and would like to speed up the sale process, your best bet is to sell your home to a service like The San Diego Home Buyer. You can also consider hiring top real estate agents in your area or selling your home at an auction.

Below are some of the reasons why you may want to sell your home quickly:


Life isn’t always going amazing and there are times when you might find yourself in toughsituations. If these situations lead to missed mortgage payments and notice of foreclosure, then selling the home quickly may be the best play you’ve got.

Foreclosure occurs when a lender takes possession of a mortgaged property and sells it to cover the loan debt when the mortgagor can fail to keep up with payments. The best way to deal with foreclosure is to accept the situation and try to sell the property pre-foreclosure. You can also sell the house independently if it’s already in foreclosure.

Selling your home pre-foreclosure or in foreclosure gives you the opportunity to get maximum value for your home and make some money on the sale. You also get to avoid a foreclosure hitting your credit report as it may affect your ability to buy again.


You have three options when you inherit a home from a loved one and they include moving into the home, renting it out, or selling it. Selling the home might make more sense to some people especially if they live far away or aren’t willing to bear the cost of maintenance, utilities, and property taxes. To such people, the faster they can sell the property, the better.

While you might want to sell an inherited property first, check you have all the necessary documents in place. You may also need the consent of other heirs or the executor of the will before you can sell the home. So, have everything in place before you attempt a sale.


Divorce is another reason you might want to sell your home fast as it becomes unfeasible for both parties to live together. Also, one party will have to pay the mortgage and keep up with the maintenance of the home. To solve this problem, the best option is usually to sell the house and distribute the money from the sale.

The earlier people going through a divorce are able to sell their home, the faster they can get their cut and move on to a new chapter. Even better, they’ll have removed one more obstacle in their divorce settlement.

New Job Opportunity

When people get an exciting new job that’s across the country or far from their current location, they may consider selling their home and relocating to another city. This is more likely to happen if you’ve been after the job for some time or if the job is what you would call your “dream job.”

Since you aren’t planning on shuffling between two locations, you’ll want to sell your home fast to focus on your new adventure. You may even need proceeds from the sale to buy a new home and this requires you to sell your home as fast as possible.

Emergency Purposes

Life can be very unpredictable. You may find yourself in need of money right now and when you’ve explored your options, you find out that the only way you can accumulate a large sum in a short time is to sell your home.

If your reason for wanting to sell your home is because you need money fast, then you actually need a service that offers exactly that. We mentioned a reliable quick house buyer earlier and you should consider dealing with them.

You also want to consider hiring professional photographers and a real estate photo editing agency. They can help you make your home look more attractive when selling and this increases the chances of getting an offer quickly. A good number of these companies are offering a free trial so you don’t have anything to lose. Just remember to look up reviews and check out their portfolio of work before hiring them.


As you can see, there are many reasons why homeowners may want to sell their homes fast. Sometimes, people are just tired of owning a home and want to do something more unconventional. Whatever the reason is, it’s important you deal with a reputable service to ensure you get a fair price.

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