5 Tips for How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

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Mar 11, 2024

Emphasizing the visual appeal of your home can considerably boost your chances of a speedy sale, potentially at a higher price. As per the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sell nine days faster than the average market duration, with about 73% of such homes selling above the listed price. These compelling facts underscore the significance of staging your home to attract the ideal buyer who can imagine their life. Let’s examine some useful advice for staging your home to make it more attractive and inviting for every potential buyer.


Clutter can occupy substantial space. There are two primary ways that clutter hampers the home selling process: it diverts potential buyers from the property’s unique elements and portrays the house as crowded and not welcoming.

While decluttering your home might be demanding due to the time required, it is one of the most essential tasks to handle because of its significant influence on the selling process. No buyer wants to explore a house where numerous random items overshadow the home’s beauty. This is where “we buy houses Virginia beach” companies come into play. Always prepared to purchase homes for cash, regardless of their condition, these buyers offer a hassle-free selling experience even for cluttered homes or those needing some tender loving care.

Make Your Décor Less Personal

Model homes attract buyers not merely due to their luxurious enhancements. The key factor is the ability for buyers to effortlessly envision themselves residing in the space. These homes are welcoming and cozy, yet sufficiently impartial to cater to a broad spectrum of buyers, allowing them to project their own interior design and lifestyle into the setting.

Many prospective buyers feel uneasy touring a house with strong indications of its current inhabitants. It creates an impression of venturing into a stranger’s residence rather than a potential future home. To sidestep these avoidable distractions, it’s recommended to stow away personal items like family photos, children’s artwork, certificates and awards, and any other individualistic elements, including décor.

Concentrate on Freshness

Having a few plants in pots around your home can remarkably invigorate your space, giving it a fresh and welcoming aura. If you’re a plant enthusiast with a large collection, distribute them evenly to not overpower any specific area unless your space is designed as a greenhouse. However, remember that plants in poor health don’t contribute positively to the aesthetics of your home.

Eliminating unpleasant smells is another effective way to refresh your home. Various factors like pets, children, leftover food, and a moist washroom, among others, can contribute to a less-than-pleasant smell in your house.

There are several budget-friendly techniques to dispel these odors and infuse your home with a pleasant scent. Baking apples coated with cinnamon or cookies (but watch out not to overcook them), or lighting vanilla-scented candles are some of these methods.

Adhere to Neutrals

The vibrant red accent wall in your bathroom, which you adored when you refurbished a few years back, may not align with your potential buyer’s preferences. Aim to modify any elements that may not be universally appealing.

Strive to maintain the primary hues of the rooms as subtle as possible, interspersed with small splashes of color in strategically chosen spots. If you have a room painted in a deep shade like black or burgundy, repainting it might seem intimidating. If you prefer retaining the wall color, consider changing the furniture instead. Light neutral tones such as pale gray and cream are excellent choices to maintain a balanced decor in rooms with darker walls.

Revamp Your Front Door

The front door often serves as the initial point of contact for potential buyers viewing your house. Before you list your property, consider adding a fresh layer of paint to the front door and sprucing up the porch area. Introduce some quirky decor or a large plant to lend an air of meticulous care.

A unique welcome mat or a “smart lock” instead of the conventional door hardware could be an immediate tech upgrade that will charm buyers. Adding a dash of color to your front door is a delightful trend that delivers substantial results with minimal input. If you’re uncertain about the ideal shade, examine the overall color scheme of your house’s exterior and the hues in your front yard.


Setting up a home for sale through staging enhances its appeal, potentially leading to a higher sales price and quicker sale. It helps create a welcoming environment where prospective buyers can imagine themselves living. Discuss the financial implications, benefits, and potential downsides of home staging with your seller. This can aid them in deciding whether to engage a professional home stager or opt to handle the staging themselves.

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