Best Atlanta Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

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Apr 19, 2023

Atlanta has been a hot spot for young professionals in the early stages of their careers. As a major employment hub with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, people move from far and wide to take advantage of all the opportunities the city has to offer. The majority of these individuals moving to the city are those in their 20s and 30s.

However, one of the downsides of moving to an unfamiliar city as a young professional is not knowing where to live. Believe it or not, Atlanta is home to 242 neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods is distinct and offers something different to the people who live there. Knowing which one is right for you can be a challenge.

As a young professional, this is your time to work hard and play hard. Therefore, it’s important to live in a neighborhood that is reasonably affordable, is close to work, and offers a variety of fun things to do. Having a community of other like-minded people is also key. To help you out on your search, we’ve created a list of some of the best Atlanta neighborhoods for young professionals.

We hope one of these neighborhoods provides you with the intown lifestyle you hope to live!

1. Virginia-Highlands

Virginia-Highlands or “Vi-Hi” is often noted as feeling more like a neighborhood and less like the city. Situated just two miles east of Midtown, Virginia-Highlands features walkable streets offering residents vibrant green spaces, tree-lined streets, fantastic dining options, and convenience to work opportunities. The area is a popular choice for those working at companies like UPS, AT&T, and Emory University.

Due to its more laid back vibe, Virginia-Highlands tends to attract those looking for a quieter lifestyle, as well as younger families who want to enjoy intown living. The area is well-known for its charming craftsman bungalows that attract many younger buyers. However, if buying a home isn’t for you, there are plenty of townhomes and condos in the area that are the perfect place to call home.

2. Buckhead

Buckhead has long been a popular place for young professionals looking for a lively, upscale place to live. Located just north of Atlanta, Buckhead offers a great nightlife scene with some of the best happy hour and date night spots in the city. The area is also home to Atlanta’s Tech Village, and is convenient to other nearby work centers. Often referred to as the “Beverly Hills of the South ” has hundreds of boutiques, retail centers, and two of the city’s largest shopping malls.

Buckhead has plenty of lavish housing options to choose from. While the high-rise apartments and condos continue to be the popular choice for young professionals, there are also homes available within its smaller neighborhoods. If you are willing to pay the higher prices, Buckhead is an experience worth living.

3. Old Fourth Ward

Old Fourth Ward has been recently revitalized by new construction and development. The artsy intown neighborhood that stands today has become a fantastic place for young professionals looking for a hip place to live. Along with Ponce City Market, the area is also home to Historic Fourth Ward Park where many events and festivals are held. As the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Old Fourth Ward is a very important landmark in the civil rights movement. This rich history can be found throughout the neighborhood giving it an incredible historic feel.

Thanks to the Atlanta Beltline, Old Fourth Ward is also considered one of the most bike-and-pedestrian-friendly areas in the city. Hop on and see what you can explore. Many of the neighborhood’s housing options are set along or around the Beltline making commuting and exploring the city with friends easy.

4. Midtown

Midtown is young, fun, and right in the middle of everything Atlanta has to offer. While rent prices tend to be a bit higher in Midtown, the walkability of the neighborhood makes up for it. Offering a true city feel, the streets of Midtown are lined with restaurants, shops, exercise studios, co-working spaces, and entertainment opportunities galore. Catch a show at the Fox Theatre, stroll through Piedmont Park, or admire the art at the High Museum. There’s always something to do in Midtown.

If you’re looking to live in Midtown, there are plenty of housing opportunities available. While apartments are an option, many young professionals are choosing to invest in the neighborhood’s high-rise condos, townhomes, and duplexes. Also, don’t only limit yourself to the more expensive heart of Midtown. Consider more affordable, growing areas of the neighborhood like the industrial Westside.

5. East Atlanta Village

One of Atlanta’s quirkier neighborhoods makes for a great place for Atlanta’s young professionals to live. This affordable, East Atlanta neighborhood has a cool, eclectic vibe that draws in younger crowds. Residents here love the community’s  edgy unpretentious feel, as well as the frequent festivals that take place along its streets. If you’re a fan of locally-owned shops, laidback bars, hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, trendy restaurants, and music venues like The Earl, East Atlanta Village is your place.

One of the best parts about East Atlanta Village is the variety of housing availability. Plus, compared to other Atlanta neighborhoods, East Atlanta Village continues to be an affordable haven in the middle of the growing city. The area consists of a mix of bungalow and craftsman-style homes, as well as newer townhomes.

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Atlanta offers a myriad of vibrant and engaging neighborhoods for young professionals who are just stepping into their adult life. From the bustling city center of downtown Atlanta to the charming surroundings of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta, like Virginia Highland and Inman Park, there’s a place for every taste and budget. Enjoy the greenery of Piedmont Park, the shopping on Peachtree Street, or the artsy atmosphere of Candler Park. Atlanta suburbs are not to be overlooked either; they are home to some of the best Atlanta suburbs with outstanding school districts and convenient public transportation options.

The average rent across these areas is quite competitive, especially when considering the abundance of entertainment options and amenities found throughout the city. Whether you prefer the energetic pulse of downtown Atlanta or the more relaxed vibe of the Atlanta suburbs, the options for living, working, and playing are endless. Explore the historic Virginia Highland, enjoy outdoor activities in Piedmont Park, or immerse yourself in cultural experiences in Inman Park.

In conclusion, young professionals seeking a well-rounded urban experience will find that Atlanta’s blend of city and suburban living offers everything they might need. From top-tier entertainment options to favorable average rent, public transportation, and reputable school districts, the best neighborhoods in Atlanta are welcoming and primed for the next phase of your life. Make the move to Atlanta and experience the dynamic environment that awaits.

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