The 7 Best Suburbs of Dallas, Texas

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Nov 27, 2023

Dallas is the second largest city in Texas with over 1.5 million residents and nearly 7 million in the metro area. This city is surrounded by some of the best suburbs in Texas, so if you’re looking to move it could be a great fit for you.

Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Dallas or are new to the area, check out our list of the 7 best Dallas suburbs to see which neighborhood is best for you.

Here are the 7 Best Suburbs of Dallas, Texas

1. Plano, Texas

Plano is located approximately 20 miles north of downtown Dallas with a population of about 259,840 people. Niche rated Plano at #4 Best City in America for Buying a House and #5 Best City to Live in America. The median home value in Plano is $291,300. Plano public schools are exceptional with eight of its schools earning a perfect 10/10 rating from

Why Live in Plano, Texas?

Consider moving to Plano if you are looking for a great job opportunity. Many large corporations have offices in Plano, including J.C. Penney, Frito-Lay, and Toyota, which opened its new 100-acre North American headquarters bringing with it 4,000 new jobs.

Plano is also known as a shopping and dining destination. The Shops at Legacy and the Shops at Willow Bend are just two of the many popular shopping centers in Plano. Perhaps the most attractive option is Legacy West, the largest, mixed-use retail destination in North Texas with 250-acres of shopping, dining and even a hotel.

2. Frisco, Texas

Frisco, Texas is approximately 28 miles (30 minutes) from downtown Dallas. The population is not as dense as Plano with about 201,250 people. The public schools are highly rated here, and the median home value is approximately $368,000.

Why Live in Frisco, Texas?

Frisco was name the best overall place to live in Texas by WallerHub and the third best suburb in Dallas by Not only is Frisco a super family-friendly place to live, but it is also considered the most affordable suburb in Texas.

If you’re an avid sports fan, then Frisco is especially attractive since it is home to many well known professional sports teams such as the Dallas Cowboys and FC Dallas.

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3. Flowery Mound

The Flower Mound City Sign

City Stats:

Flower Mound is next on our list of 7 Best Dallas Suburbs. Located approximately 28 miles (31 minutes) from downtown Dallas, Flowery Mound is a bit smaller than the previously mentioned towns with only 76,000 residents. The median home value is $342,000.

Why Live in Flower Mound?

The town of Flower Mound was literally named after a mound covered in flowers. And that mound is still there today, covered in wildflowers and prairie grasses. Flower Mound has that rural feel and they seek to maintain that small-town atmosphere.

Flower Mound is a family-friendly community blessed with heavily wooded hills, panoramic views and an abundance of creeks and shorelines, offering unlimited recreational and leisure activities.

Flower Mound has also enacted the SMARTGrowth program, their own “green” movement, to help preserve open lands and natural landscapes and ensure that growth doesn’t occur at the expense of environmental quality.

Consider Flower Mound if you are looking for that small-town, wide open spaces feel.

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4. University Park

City Stats:

University Park is home to Southern Methodist University. This suburb started simply enough as a collection of homes situated around the school. It is now dubbed as one of the “Twin Cities” of Dallas. University Park is one of the most expensive suburbs in Dallas with a median home price of $1.2 million.

Why live in University Park?

University Park is known for its clean streets and beautiful parks. Located a mere five miles from downtown, University Park still manages to maintain its suburban feel. Ranked #1 by WalletHub for Best Family Life and Fun. With highly rated schools and crime rates among the lowest in the metropolitan area, University Park is perfect for any affluent family and perfect for our list of 7 Best Dallas Suburbs.

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5. Southlake

City Stats:

Southlake is also on the pricier side with a median home cost of $718,530. The average household income correlates with that at $225,348. Southlake is also ranked #8 most affluent suburb in Texas.

Why Live in Southlake?

Southlake is home to many “urban sophisticates,” wealthy, educated professionals with urban tastes for food, travel and entertainment. So it should come as no surprise that Southlake is best known for its shopping center. Southlake Town Square opened 20 years ago and quickly became one of the most popular shopping centers in Dallas. “Since opening, Southlake Town Square has acted as a model for other cities interested in revitalizing their community downtowns,” Southlake Style magazine stated in its February issue.

Southlake has many features families look for when settling down to raise a family: a great school system, low crime rate, and a well-educated community that values and supports education. While a thrilling nightlife is not what you will find in Southlake, it seems to be the perfect place for a family to plant roots and the perfect place for our list of 7 Best Dallas Suburbs.

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6. Addison

City Stats:

Just ten miles north of Dallas, Addison is considered one of the 7 Best Suburbs in Dallas. Located in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Addison is just 4.4 square miles. The population of Addison is around 15,500 with a median age of 32 years making this a hotspot for Millennials.

Why Live in Addison?

Addison is the perfect suburb for those who want to take advantage of all that downtown Dallas has to offer, but still be far enough away to enjoy the quiet of the suburbs. According to Doorsteps, Addison is the best place to live in Dallas, Texas. It appeals to both families and young professionals. With over 180 restaurants such as Chamberlain’s Steak and Fish and more than 150 special events per year like the Vitruvian Salsa Festival, Addison is a great place to live if you want to add a little culture to your life.

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7. Coppell

City Stats:

Coppell, Texas is a bedroom community approximately 23 miles northwest of Dallas. Niche rated Coppell as the #1 Best Place to Live in Dallas-Fort Worth and #2 Best Place to Live in Texas. Coppell also has highly rated schools with a median home value of $368,000, making it a worthwhile choice for our list of 7 Best Dallas Suburbs.

Why Live in Coppell?

Coppell’s location is one of its great draws. Located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area surrounded by freeways, and easily connected DFW Airport, Las Colinas Business Center and the North Dallas Business Center. This makes Coppell a great option for living away from the bustle of the city, but with an easy commute to work. With the development the area has undergone in recent years, Coppell has plenty to offer in terms of restaurants and coffee shops, parks and sports venues.

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