Exploration of Cultural Heritage & Investing in Real Estate in Spain

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Apr 5, 2023

People come to Spain for various reasons. Some have a desire to experience unforgettable vacations; others visit the country for business purposes. The third group comes to the Mediterranean coast to buy flats in Spain with a pool. But what is similar to all foreigners is the desire to explore the rich cultural heritage of Spain.

Spain, after China and Italy, is the third country in the world with the largest number of places on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Palaces, castles, basilicas and cathedrals, fortresses and lighthouses, observation towers – Spain’s historical, artistic and cultural heritage is limitless. We have compiled the list of must-see places in Spain for foreigners and potential residents to plunge into the glorious past of the sunny country and experience the festive atmosphere.

The palace and fortress complex La Alhambra de Granada

Year after year, the beautiful Alhambra in Granada occupies the podium of the most visited monuments in Spain, because this ancient Nasrid fortress palace has no analogues in Europe. No other country of the Old Continent can boast a building of such style.

The Alhambra in Granada, a masterpiece of Andalusian architecture, joins a large group of residential complexes called the Nasrid Palaces, among which stand out the Palacios Comares and Los Leones, where their famous fountain is located. Also worth a visit is its defensive part, where the Alcazaba is located. And, of course, any worthy visitor cannot miss the magnificent gardens of the Generalife.

The largest unfinished Catholic church La Sagrada Familia

This is the most famous building of the great Antonio Gaudi. It is also known as the Sagrada Familia. According to Gaudi’s plan, the temple was destined to play the role of the Bible embodied in the architecture. The magnificent facades were intended to symbolize the main stages of Christ’s life: the Birth, the Torments of Christ, the Resurrection. Notable for the fact that the construction of the temple, which began in 1882, is still not finished. The grandiose building is the symbol of all of Barcelona and Catalonia. The majestic and imposing building began to be built in the Gothic style, but Gaudi added an original Art Nouveau style to its appearance, adding lightness and tracery to the temple.

Gothic Quarter or Barrio Gotico

In addition to its centuries-old history and beautiful architecture, the Barrio Gotico or Gothic Quarter is famous among the citizens of the city for its traditional restaurants and eateries, many bars and cafes with a unique atmosphere, craft shops and designer boutiques, carefully sheltered from public view.

Barrio Gotico highlights:

  • St. Eulalia Cathedral;
  • Barcelona’s Royal Palace complex;
  • Plaça Sant Jaume, Barcelona City Hall, Palau de la Generalitat;
  • Ancient Roman city walls;
  • Royal Square (Plaça Reial).

The Prado Museum or Museo Nacional del Prado

It is one of the most visited museums in the world. The museum has a rich collection of Flemish art, sculptures and works of artists of the Golden Age. Tourists come here to see works by Raphael, Titian, Botticelli, and Bosch. One of the most important works kept in the Prado Museum is Rubens’ painting “The Three Graces”. The museum building itself is also a landmark in Spain. It was built in the style of late classicism with a reference to the ancient heritage. The cost to visit the museum is €15.

The Port Aventura theme park

It is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe and the most popular in Spain. Port Aventura is located near the town of Salou and is divided into themed areas. There is a Wild West zone, the Caribbean, Siberia and the latest innovation Ferrari Land. The park will please both adults and children. For the youngest visitors, there are their own rides that they will love. Here you can watch a show: go on a hunt with the fearless Indiana Jones, or watch a cool western with horses. Park rides cater to all tastes, including a freefall tower, and walk through a river canyon, and a roller coaster with dead loops.

The takeaways

Spain is a country of diversity, where vacations on sandy beaches are combined with a rich historical heritage, and ski resorts are interspersed with the works of genius Gaudi. Here you will find the rousing rhythms of Ibiza and the craziest vacation in Port Aventura. Enjoying the internationally known attractions appears much more pleasant if you have your own apartments to stay in. Spain-Real.Estate offers high quality real estate in various destinations of festive Spain. Buy property in the kingdom and obtain your own piece of joyous atmosphere.

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