Getting Ready for Winter: 5 Tips for Yards and Gutters

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Sep 16, 2022

Preparing your house for winter may not be your main priority at the moment. After all, most homeowners still want to take advantage of the leftover hot days instead of spending their downtime doing home maintenance tasks.

But the reality is winter preparation isn’t something you can delay because it is essential to protect your property from the harsh freezing temperatures that come along with the cold season.

In general, fall is the best time to winterize your home. The weather is mild and you can engage in various outdoor projects that will get your yard ready to greet the frost season.

To get you started, here are five tips to prepare your yard before winter kicks off.

Check and clean your gutters

If there is one thing that can cause serious issues to your foundation and landscaping during winter, it is your gutters. They can get clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris which will further clog your home’s drainage systems and cause water damage. The best way to avoid that is to clean your gutters thoroughly.

You can also consider upgrading your gutter system with a new installation to prevent further damage, especially if you live in a city that experiences heavy snowfalls during winter. For example, if you live in Syracuse, New York, contact local professionals to get a tailored estimate for your project and help you find the best Syracuse gutter installation services in your area. They can help you find professionals to install an updated gutter system as well as leaf guards.

Get your roof inspected

Getting your roof inspected is another important home maintenance task you need to complete before the cold season arrives. The winter storms, heavy rain, and packed snow can cause serious damage to your roof and leave you with high repair bills if not attended to in time.

If you aren’t comfortable with climbing on your roof to do an inspection on your own, you should hire professional contractors to do it for you. These contractors will check the roof for missing or damaged shingles and replace them if necessary. They will also check the chimney and other roof projections which are often the source of leaks.

Prepare your lawn

As the leaves begin to cover your lawn, it is time for some good-old raking to prepare it for the cold weather. Small chopped leaves are great for serving the lawn in the winter season, so make sure you remove them before they get under a thick layer of ice. Use a leaf blower to get leaves out of every corner of your yard to prevent mold from accumulating. You can leave the raked leaves for your recycling company to collect or use them to mulch the flower beds.

Also, don’t forget to trim the grass shorter and fertilize it to prevent weed growth. Many experts recommend two fertilizations during the autumn months—one in September and another in November.

Drain the garden irrigation system

If you don’t take proper measures, the harsh winter can damage your garden’s irrigation systems. The best way to avoid any problems is to shut off the main supply and cover the valves as freezing temperatures can damage them badly.

You can cover the valves with plastic bags and lock them with insulation tape. Also, don’t forget to cover all piping lines above the ground with insulating foam tubes and tapes available at general stores.

If you have an automatic system, remember to shut down the control system and detach the main wires for additional protection.

Protect your deck or patio for winter

Another preventative maintenance task you should complete is protecting your deck or patio for winter. Whether it is wood, cement, or another type of surface, it must be protected from harsh winter elements.

For example, concrete cleaning and sealing is the best method to prevent erosion caused by snow and rainwater as well as to safeguard your patio or deck against oil and salt. The concrete surface will repel water and also impede algae production.

In addition to cleaning and restoring your deck or patio, don’t forget to protect your outdoor items by covering patio furniture, storing garden tools, and cleaning the grill and other barbecue equipment.

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Final thoughts

As the temperatures begin to decline, it is time to start preparing your home for the upcoming winter. The extremely cold temperatures can cause serious damage to your property, so it is important that you engage in a few outdoor projects to protect yourself from unfortunate events and unexpected costs.

If you need assistance, use our post as a guide and get your home ready before the cold season arrives.

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