Maintain Your Furnace the Right Way With These Tips

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Nov 21, 2022

Do you have an old furnace at home? Or perhaps you have recently bought a new one and are wondering how to maintain it correctly? Your furnace is an important part of your home. It keeps you warm during the winter and helps to reduce your energy bills. That’s why it’s important to maintain your furnace the right way. In this blog post, we will discuss tips that will help keep your furnace running smoothly all winter long. Let’s get started.

Furnace Tune-Up

One of the most important things you can do to keep your furnace running efficiently is to get it tuned up. This means having a professional come and inspect your furnace, check all its components, and make sure that everything is in working order. You may know that it is time for a tune up when you hear strange noises from your furnace or notice a decrease in efficiency. Regular tune-ups will help ensure your furnace runs at peak efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdowns or system malfunctions.

When conducting furnace tune-up, it is important to work with a reputable and certified HVAC technician who can properly inspect your system. They will be able to check all components, such as the thermostat, ductwork, and blower motor. If something is off or needs to be replaced, they can advise you on the best action.

Change Air Filters Regularly

Your furnace’s air filter plays an important role in keeping your system running efficiently. It helps to improve air quality and reduce dust in your home. It also helps to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency by preventing dirt, dust, and other particles from entering the system and clogging it up. That’s why it is important to change your air filter regularly.

Most HVAC experts recommend that you change your air filter every three months. This will help ensure that your furnace runs efficiently and prevent costly repairs. You can also purchase higher-quality filters that last up to six months, so check the filter’s lifetime before purchasing it.

Clean Your Furnace Regularly

Cleaning your furnace regularly is an important step in keeping it running smoothly. This includes cleaning the outside of your furnace and dusting the interior components. You should also vacuum or brush out the inside of the furnace to remove any dirt or debris clogging up the system.

However, when cleaning your furnace, it is important not to use harsh chemicals or solvents. These can damage the components of your furnace and result in costly repairs. Besides this, only clean the outside parts, as the interior components should only be serviced by a professional HVAC technician.

Reduce Home’s Heating Load

One of the most effective ways to reduce the strain on your furnace is to reduce the home’s heating load. This means ensuring you have good insulation and sealing around doors, windows, and other openings. It also means ensuring that your ducts are well sealed and not leaking air into uninsulated areas such as attics or crawl spaces.

By reducing your home’s heating load, you can help ensure that your furnace runs efficiently and for a longer period of time. Overloading it results in increased strain on the system, causing it to work harder than it should and potentially leading to breakdowns or malfunctions.

Maintaining your furnace the right way is essential to keep it running efficiently and reduce the risk of costly repairs. It’s important to avoid overheating your furnace heat exchanger to avoid cracks and keep the occupants of the property safe from carbon monoxide leaks. By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your furnace runs smoothly. Regular tune-ups, changing air filters regularly, cleaning your furnace regularly, and reducing your home’s heating load are all important steps in keeping your furnace running optimally. With a little effort, you can ensure that your furnace operates at peak efficiency for many years.

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