How To Make Any Property More Appealing

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Feb 13, 2024

Selling a home can be as frustrating as it is rewarding, especially when you consider how much competition there is. It doesn’t matter where you look, there are plenty of fantastic, appealing properties begging for new families to begin their lives. 

So what can you do to set your property apart? Whether you’re a realtor doing everything possible for your clients or you are homeowners who need to find a bigger or smaller place, consider these tips to help you make any property more appealing. 

Make It Smell Great 

If you want to make a fantastic first impression, you’ll need to ensure positive associations with the property. During viewing, you can sprinkle the house with aromas like vanilla, coffee, or lavender to make the home smell amazing. 

The same goes for baking fresh cookies, which is a tried and tested realtor method, while fresh flowers can also benefit you, and visitors will eagerly mention how good everything smells when they walk through the door. 

Of course, you might not be able to smell the home as much as you used to, so it could be worth airing out the property by opening the windows and letting the fresh air circulate.

Fix Problems 

While some home buyers expect there may be some things they need to fix when they move in, they won’t want to buy a home that’s littered with issues. If you want to make the house more appealing and sellable, fixing easy but significant problems is a great solution. 

One example includes upgrading the water heater, especially if the current one shows signs of wear and tear or has some problems. You should also think about fixing any broken tiles or removing stains to make the property as appealing as possible and save the new owners the hassle of fixing these issues themselves. 

Highlight Privacy and Security Benefits 

Expert realtors know how to sell a home, but there’s a difference between highlighting key features and benefits and seeming like you’re grasping at straws to make a sale. When it comes to privacy and security, you must understand how to best describe these benefits to boost interest in the property. 

Working with a fencing company can reduce many of these concerns, especially in busy areas like New York or Sacramento, CA. demonstrating the benefits of quality fencing in the backyard can increase interest and give your potential buyers more to think about. 

These issues are particularly important if they have pets or kids, as they can feel safer when hanging out in the garden. 

Set the Right Price 

Setting the best price for a home can be a tricky thing. You want to get what you think the house is worth–and at the very least recoup your original investment and any renovations–but you also need to price the house appropriately for the area and ensure buyers are willing to pay for it. 

You can get the property appraised to find a fair and suitable range for the home, as this will give you something to work from. It often depends on how desperate or eager the buyers are. You can set a price that you believe is fair, but there’s always the chance that people will want to pay less. At the same time, some may believe this is the perfect property for them and will do anything to get it, which could result in them paying high over the asking price,

Clear It Out 

No one wants to view a messy property. Even the best homes in the world will get a bad image if the hallways are littered with boxes and clothes. So, clearing the clutter is an important step. Take some time to remove everything you don’t need at the moment. You can ship it to your new property or keep it in storage until you need it. This will make your move much more convenient and help the potential buyers appreciate the house more. 

Help Them Envision Living There 

Similarly, you don’t want property to represent you too much. Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in the home, which your unique decor could hinder. Therefore, it’s worth depersonalizing your home before any viewings.

Despite this, viewers may still want some inspiration on what the home could become. If this is the case, it’s still worth keeping some items that can show them how you made it a family home. 


It isn’t just curb appeal that can improve your property’s chances of selling. Checking off each of these points can make the entire space more appealing and hopefully draw attention to make it easier to sell the home.

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