How To Tell It Is Time To Move

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Dec 19, 2023

The first few years in a new home can be exciting and enjoyable – but before long, you might start getting itchy feet. Your circumstances might change; for example, you might want to increase the size of your family, have a pet that needs a garden, or downsize.

For many people, those thoughts might come and go, but with a quick rearrangement of the furniture – the feeling soon leaves. However, if you still have that idea that you might want to move, here are some sure-fire ways to know for sure it is time to get the for sale sign up, make a moving checklist, and start looking for your new home-sweet-home. 


It is no secret that the cost of living is rising, and for many, there is a crunch point that means the house you are in now is simply becoming too expensive to run. At first, it might not be too bad, but it is only the odd month when things start to feel really tight. Many people notice just how costly the house is going to be during the winter months. Older homes and those with older heating systems can become incredibly expensive. 

If, by the third week of the month, you are dipping into savings or into the overdraft – it is likely a sign of things to come and a good idea to start looking at options. 


For some families, there is no such thing as close enough. The kids all pile into the same bed because they want to be that close when they are little. But as they get bigger and start to enjoy and even crave their own space – a smaller home might not be compatible with your family anymore. 

And the same goes for when the children are all grown up and begin to leave home – you might find that all the extra space isn’t something you want or need anymore. While it is always nice to have one or two rooms for the family to stay in, for the most part, when the rooms aren’t used for months or years, it could be time to downsize. 

Missing home

Many people move for work, or for love, or because they have to. And while that move met your needs at that time in your life, as your circumstances change, you might find yourself yearning to go back to where most of your family or friends are. 

If you begin to feel like traveling to and from your family and friends is too far of a distance, or you spend more time texting and calling them than anything else – it might be time to start looking for somewhere to live closer to your support network. 

Spreading Your Wings

You might be having the opposite issue. Everyone knows you and your whole family, and even what you had for breakfast. It is something that has made you feel safe for a long time, but you are starting to get the feeling that you want to explore some more of the world (or city), meet new people, and give your life a bit of a shake-up. While this doesn’t really have much to do with the home not being suitable, it might be a key indicator that you are ready to go and live somewhere else. 

Not You

As we grow and change as people, we might start to want some different things in our lives, and to change our lifestyles. Perhaps you are in a houseshare right now, or you managed to get a gorgeous studio nearby work – but now you want something a little more spacious and with more greenery in the surrounding areas. Our homes are somewhere that should fit who we are, but also who we are working towards being – so looking or daydreaming for a home that has features that yours just doesn’t is a good indicator that you are more than ready to move somewhere else. 

Irritating features

When you first moved into the house, you thought that a door that creaked or a light that flickered was something that you would eventually get used to. Only to realize that over time, it has gotten more and more irritating. Not only that, but once you fixed one thing that you didn’t like, another issue popped up in its place – this might be a sign that it is not the house but you. You are finding more and more things wrong with the house and get more irritated with the features as time goes by. 

While it is always great to make changes to a home and create something that works for you – and this can span months or years, if it never feels like it is enough – then it is time to find somewhere that fits you better. 

Into or out of the city

City life isn’t for everyone, but neither is country life. And the thing with both of them is that you have to have the experience of living there for a while before you really know for sure. City breaks as a holiday can feel exciting and enticing. 

Breaks in the countryside can feel like they are soothing your soul, and you are getting some good relaxation. But the reality of morning traffic jams, crime rates, or an endless view of concrete can soon wear thin. Likewise, sketchy internet, having to drive for an hour before getting to the local shop, or the endless supply of field mice can all get too much too. 

A big change of scenery – or a compromise of a city limits property might be on the cards. 


We all want to live somewhere safe – and at the time of choosing the house you are currently in, it may have been the case. But over time, locations change, and there can be an increase in crime rates and bad neighbors. One of the most common reasons for people to move is that where they are now no longer feels safe for them, and when that happens, moving becomes a priority. 


Depending on where you live, a standard commute might take an hour or more, and when that feels like it is too much, it might be time to consider if you want to move home or switch jobs. Many people accept that some amount of commute is part of their work, but over time, the commute can become stressful and add at least ten or more hours onto the working week. 


There are some times in life when a move is something that you have to do, not something that you want to do. When family members are getting older or something unexpected happens, you might feel the urge to be closer to them to help out – or to be around for as long as possible. Renting isn’t always viable, depending on the situation. While this relocation might not be something that you relish the idea of, it is one that comes up commonly. 


While school isn’t the be-all and end-all, a school that is rapidly declining, has a change of leadership, or is consistently failing could be a cause for serious concern. With many schools so over-subscribed, it can be tough to get a place. And, as well as oversubscription, sometimes you are out of the catchment area of the school you want to go to. School can be a big reason to move to a different location. 

One thing is for sure, though no matter where you move, you’ll want to settle in and make it as homely as possible – here are some tips to do just that: 6 Feng Shui Guidelines for Settling Into Your New Apartment

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