Importance of Buying a Home in A Good School District

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May 10, 2022

This current school year may be quickly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan ahead for the next! For many home buyers, especially those with children, the spring and summer months are the ideal time to buy a new home and get situated in a new place before the school starts back up.

Typically the home buying process requires buyers to consider factors such price, amenities, neighborhood, safety, and much more. One other key factor that buyers should consider is the local school district. While this might seem like a factor that would only be relevant to families with school-aged children, that is actually not the case.

School districts have a significant impact on a home’s overall value and influence over the neighborhoods within the district. Here are a few important  reasons why the quality of local schools should be heavily considered during your home buying process.

Quality Education is Important

For families with school-aged children, buying a home within a good school district is a no brainer. Providing a proper education is one of the most important things a parent can do for their child. Every school has its own reputation socially as well as academically. The teachers that are with a child and the peers a child develops friendships with will have a huge impact on both their long term academic success and their social development.

Finding the right school district for your child often requires moving to a new area that might come with a higher price. But, in most cases, it is well worth the higher price tag if it means a higher quality education system. This is especially true for families seeking out extracurricular activities, or those that have children with specific learning needs. With the right research, any buyer is sure to find a school district that accommodates what you are looking for.

When researching schools, be sure to look at all levels of education. This includes elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Weigh out all of the differences between the public schools and private schools as well. Each school in the district will likely offer a very different learning environment from the other. Use school review sites, local Facebook groups, and city forums as your guide. Your buyer’s agent will also be a valuable resource to you in this process.

Safe School District = Safe Neighborhoods

Whether a buyer has school-aged children or not, safety is likely a determining factor in their home search. Feeling safe in your new home is important and the area that you live in directly influences that. If a home is located within a good school district, that usually means that the neighborhood is probably a safe area of town.

Safer areas tend to be more popular areas to live in. Neighborhoods that surround a strong school system have a strong community feel. In these neighborhoods, buyers will find great convenience with easy public transportation, local shops and restaurants, well-maintained parks, brightly-lit streets, and community events. This business and community presence creates a strong relationship between its residents and therefore increases the feeling of safety and security.

Of course, it’s not just the feeling of safety and security that increases. The actual safety and security within a good school district also increases. A home in a good school district is going to cost more due to the high demand of families competing for good schools. These higher cost areas are more likely to drive out crime and have a tighter security within them.

Correlation Between School Districts and Resale Home’s Value

In real estate, there is a strong connection between school districts and a home’s value. Neighborhoods within good school systems tend to have better reputations and have higher demand among buyers. Homes in these districts have a higher value due to this popularity. A home’s sale value may not be the first thing a buyer thinks of when buying a home, but it is definitely something to consider.

Most people buy a home with the intention of living there long-term. However, plans change and the need to move may come up sooner than anticipated. In these kinds of situations, the buyer will have a better resale value. The home will also spend less time on the market due to the higher demand for homes in that district. This means that the buyer can make a profit, and move on to their next home quickly and easily.

Real estate investors will definitely want to make sure they spend time researching school districts and scoping out the fixer uppers in the area. The one downside for investors is that  the homes may still be on the higher side of what they would like to pay. Luckily, this type of investment is one that pays off big time because of the continuously increasing values of the homes. Whether an  investor is buying to resell or to rent out, they are sure to make a solid profit.

Finding the right school district to buy in requires knowledge of the area. This expertise can be found through the expertise of one of our knowledgable agents at SimpleShowing. Our local agents can help to point out the best school districts and guide you to the perfect place to call home. You’ll even receive half of your agent’s commission back at closing with our buyer refund.

Ready to buy a home before the upcoming school year? Contact us today to connect with an agent the process started!

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