Keep Your Wood Furniture in Good Condition With These Tips

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Feb 19, 2023

If you are one of the many people that love wood furniture but are not really sure how to keep them looking their best, you are not alone. Wood can truly last you for years to come but only if you know what you’re doing when it comes to maintenance. We compiled a guide below to teach you the best way to take care of your wood furniture.

Read on to learn how to keep your wood furniture looking its best for the longest possible time.

Clean It Often

Letting dust particles build up can lead to small scratches and marks on your wood furniture. This is why you need to clean your furniture regularly. You can use a soft cloth to wipe your wood furniture down at least once per week.

The cloth can either be dry or damp, the key is to wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

Airborne particles can build a layer of film on the wood which will scratch the surface. The key is to use a soft cloth like cloth diapers, microfiber, or clean cotton T-shirts. If your wood piece is hard to reach, you can use a lambswool duster because it will attract and hold the dust.

Re-Wax and Re-Oil

If you reach a point where you notice that your wood furniture is becoming too dry, it might be time to re-oil it. When you re-oil it, make sure to first clean the surface with a wet cloth and mild detergent. Next, dry it immediately before applying the furniture oil of your choice.

Allow the oil to soak for a good 15 minutes. After 24 hours you can also apply a protective layer on top of it.

Another option is to re-wax the surface of your wood furniture. In this case, you need to clean the surface with a damp cloth and mild soap and then apply carnauba wax and spread it over the entire surface. Allow the wax to sit for a maximum of 20 minutes and then buff it using a soft cloth until everything feels smooth.

Do Not Mistreat the Wood

Wood furniture is popular because it makes a room feel warm and inviting, but wood is something that you need to treat with love to keep it in tip-top shape. Never put anything that is hot or cold directly on your wooden furniture because it can stain it.

Make sure you keep plenty of coasters, placemats, trivets, and anything to protect the surface of your wood piece. Also, try to keep your furniture away from fireplaces, vents, and direct sunlight. Light and heat will affect your wood pieces if they are exposed for prolonged periods of time.

Freshen Up the Smell

After some time older wood furniture pieces will develop an unpleasant odor because wood is porous. We recommend sprinkling baking soda because it is a natural deodorizer. Once you sprinkle the baking soda, let it sit for a few minutes and then dust it off.

If your wood furniture has drawers, you can place a pan full of charcoal to help absorb smells. If it is a dry day outside, you can leave your piece of furniture outside in a shaded area to help freshen up any funny smells.

Humidity Management

It is important to manage the humidity levels where your wood furniture is because too much humidity can warp your pieces. The ideal humidity level is 40% to 45%. If your home tends to be humid, we recommend investing in a dehumidifier to help keep the area dry.

For those that live in warmer weather, running the air conditioner helps keep the wood from warping and swelling.

No Harsh Chemicals

You do not want to use any harsh chemicals because they can stain, warp, or ruin your furniture. Usually, a soft dry cloth is enough, but if you need a little more cleaning, then you can use a mild solution of dish soap with clean water and a damp cloth. It is best to avoid wood cleaners because they tend to be ammonia or silicone-based.

Remove Stains

If you end up with stains on your furniture pieces, it is best to clean these up as soon as possible because the longer you let the stain sit, the harder it will be to remove it. For dark spot stains caused by water damage, you can soak a cloth in vinegar and gently blot the stain.

If you have crayon marks from your kiddos, apply some mayonnaise over the area. Allow the mayo to sit for a few minutes and then use a damp cloth to rub it clean. Once you clean the mayo off use a dry cloth to buff out the area.

For white rings left from wet glasses, mix baking soda and white toothpaste and rub them into the stain until it is gone. Then use a dry cloth to buff it out and wipe it off.

Wear and Tear

When the damage is too much, you might have to treat it with other wear and tear methods. Sometimes you will have to sand down the entire piece and paint it or use a wood stain. This will completely refresh and breathe new life into your wood piece.

Keep in mind that if you opt to stain it, then you definitely have to sand it down first to a smooth surface. If you choose to paint it, you do not always have to sand it down. The key is to use a high-quality paint if you go that route.

Time to Keep Your Wood Furniture Looking Fab

Now that you learned our tips on keeping your wood furniture in good condition, you can apply everything you learned above and keep your furniture pieces looking their best for years to come. In the future when you buy a new piece of wood furniture make sure you pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer to ensure that you follow their directions on cleaning your furniture.

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