Make Your Apartment Appear Larger with These Tricks!

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Oct 27, 2022

Apartments for rent are usually small in space. But it can still be as cozy and stylish as we want our home to be. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize the space in your flat and make your apartment appear larger without making the whole place feel overcrowded.

Minimize Clutter

Clutters can become a visual distraction and can take up space in your place. So, the first step in making your apartment appear larger is to clear out unnecessary clutters in sight. Doing so, can create more available space in your apartment and remove any distractions. Minimizing clutter does not mean throwing out half of your valued items in the trash, instead, what you can do is find creative ways to store and organize them out of sight which leads us to our second tip.

Be Creative with Storage and Multipurpose Furniture

One of the most effective ways to maximize the space in your apartment is to get creative with your storage and this includes using multipurpose furniture. When living in an apartment, you honestly don’t get as much space as you need for extra furniture. So, instead of buying multiple storage boxes that don’t look appealing, why not buy a piece of furniture like a bed with built-in drawers, a sofa bed, folding tables, expandable dining tables- anything that does not take up much space but provides multiple purposes for your needs?

Strategically Place your Furniture

In order for you to effectively use the multipurpose furniture that you invested in, make sure that you also place them strategically pleasing to the eyes. Do not block pathways and view into a room to open up space and make it seem larger as well as to avoid feeling cramped. Additionally, using furniture closer to the ground creates a more sense of openness thus making the room appear larger.

Make Use of Contrast and Light Colors

To make your apartment looks roomier than it is, considers changing your wall paint and furniture’s color. Light and dark colors contrast each other thus giving a room more depth and look bigger by just changing the color scheme of the room. To do this, paint your wall with light colors to make the room brighter and add contrast by using dark-colored furniture strategically.

Take Advantage of Natural Lights

The easiest way to make a small apartment for rent appear larger is to make use of natural lights as much as possible. Open up the windows, get rid of heavy curtains, and let the light in lightening the space in your apartment. If your apartment doesn’t have a large window to work on, you can also use artificial lights creatively for additional light flow.

Curtains or No Curtains?

Apartments for rent doesn’t usually come with high ceiling and wide space as we need but the trick to make it appear taller is to add floor-to-ceiling curtains in your windows. Lightweight floor-to-ceiling curtains can instantly boost the height of any room however, in some cases, adding curtains can add up additional space in your home. So, before adding a curtain to your apartment, make sure it is lightweight and simple looking.


Using mirrors is also an effective way to make your apartment look bigger and more open. Mirrors, placed at a proper angle, can give the illusion of depth and also reflect lights that can help to make the room brighter. You can hang mirrors on the wall to imitate a window, use glass table tops for a more open feel, or invest in mirrored cabinet doors- add any reflective surfaces and be creative with them.

Keep it Simple

On top of every listed above, keep everything simple. In order for your apartment to appear wider you want to keep everything minimal. From your stuff and furniture up to your color scheme – everything must be simple yet appealing. The more things you keep in your apartment, the more it will look cluttered and feel more crowded.


In conclusion, affordable apartments are undeniably small in size however, that doesn’t mean they can’t be our home. It may lack some space but there are still things that we can do to keep our apartment comfortable, cozy, and pleasing to the eyes. And one of these things is making our apartment appear more spacious through the tips and tricks mentioned above.

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