Jacksonville’s Safest Neighborhoods in 2024: Find Your Perfect Fit

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Apr 24, 2024

Are you considering moving to Jacksonville, Florida? Whether you’re considering a new job or just want better weather and beach vibes, you’re probably curious about daily life in J-ville.

Florida is known for its hot summers, beautiful coastlines, and expansive suburbs. However, there is much more to discover in this sandy part of Florida.

A Few Quick Jacksonville Facts:

  • Jacksonville is planted right up in the northeast corner of the Sunshine State, less than an hour’s drive from the Georgia border and about 350 miles up the coast from Miami.
  • In terms of land area, it’s an absolute unit. We’re talking 841 square miles of territory – one of the largest cities in the whole U.S.!
  • Population-wise, it ranks as Florida’s biggest city and the 10th-largest nationwide. Current estimates put the head count around 991,000 residents and climbing.
  • The median age comes in at a relatively young 36.3 years old, though about 14% of Jaxsons are retiree-aged at 65 or over.

Is moving to Jacksonville a good idea?

Yes, moving to Jacksonville seems to be a good idea, especially for families. The cost of living is affordable and there are lots of beaches for family fun. The community is friendly and welcoming, and there are new housing developments. Also, you will find good food options, education, and job opportunities. Overall, it’s a great place for families in Florida.

5 Safest Neighborhoods of Jacksonville, FL

1. Avondale, Jacksonville, FL

Avondale is an amazing place to live that combines beautiful architecture with important history. The streets are lined with trees, the schools are excellent, and there are multiple parks to explore and learn from while strolling. 

The median sale price of a home in Avondale was approximately $553,000 last month, representing a significant increase of 46.4% compared to the previous year. The crime rate is 38% lower than the national average, but it is still recommended that people stay cautious and use good locks. 

In Avondale, homeowners have some ideas, including inviting local restaurants, some arts, and walking along the Saint Johns River. Besides, outdoor experiences like fishing, kayaking, and golf are nearby.

2. Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL

Mandarin, located in the southernmost portion of Jacksonville. It is famous for both history and modernity. These two factors make it a great neighborhood to live.

Mandarin has beautiful streets with natural beauty, creating a peaceful atmosphere for those who live there. The community’s rich history is palpable through its prominent landmarks. And The Mandarin Farmers Market is a center for local commerce and culture.

The median sale price of a home in Mandarin was approximately $425,000 as of last month. The neighborhood is very safe, with a crime rate 40% lower than the national average, which gives residents peace of mind.

Mandarin values education highly and has top-rated schools to meet the academic needs of the youth. Also, the convenient suburban amenities make it a great neighborhood for families.

3. Riverside, Jacksonville, FL

Riverside can be a great option if you are looking for the safest neighborhood in Jacksonville. It is known for its mix of historical and modern architecture and family-friendly atmosphere.

Now, let’s face the price! The average house price in Riverside, Jacksonville, hits $434,894. That’s pricier than over half the neighborhoods in Florida and nearly 62% of areas across the U.S. But there are so many reasons for this.

Riverside’s home prices are rising because it’s close to parks, shops, and downtown, making it a nice place to live.

It is also known for its commendable safety record, with a crime rate 30% lower than the national average. This should be one of the main reasons for choosing Riverside and not considering the house price.

Families love Riverside because it has many cultural and recreational activities, too. The Cummer Museum is famous for its impressive exhibits. Also, calm parks and the vibrant Five Points district are important places in the community. You will find different cultures, unique shops, and delicious food options here.

4. Seven Pines, Jacksonville, FL

Seven Pines is a peaceful paradise just outside the city. You get suburban calm and city access. The average house price in the Seven Pines area of Jacksonville, Florida, is $742,900. This is much higher than the average price of $305,000 for the larger Seven Pines Island area. 

The reason Seven Pines is more expensive is because it’s a new, fancy area with great features. Since it’s a newer and nicer neighborhood, lots of people want to buy properties in Seven Pines, which makes the prices go up.

The search for properties in Seven Pines has also increased by 20% comparing last year.

Also, the crime rate is 45% lower than the national average. This makes it an ideal place for families. Kids can play outdoors without worries.

Nature is a big focus in this neighborhood. The main attraction is the Big Pines Preserve – a large green area for hiking, picnics, and outdoor activities.

People in the neighborhood feel a strong sense of community. They get together at events like craft fairs, farmers markets, and festivals, which create a family-friendly atmosphere. The residents are very proud of their neighborhood.

5. Eagle Bend, Jacksonville, FL

Looking for a safe, family-friendly neighborhood that doesn’t cost a fortune? Check out Eagle Bend in North Jacksonville. The average price for a house in the Eagle Bend area of Jacksonville, is $528,500. Recent figures indicate prices haven’t changed from last month but have jumped 44% compared to last year.

Eagle Bend offers both peace and convenience. It is a quiet neighborhood that is also close to Jacksonville’s amenities. Also, it is just a short drive from Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park, allowing residents to enjoy nature in their own backyard.

The affordable cost of living, low crime rates, and access to both nature and city make Eagle Bend highly desirable. Families thrive in this secure, convenient neighborhood with a pleasant small-town feel.

What are the downsides to living in Jacksonville, Florida?

So, what’s the deal with living in Jacksonville, Florida? Well, if you’re all about that city life vibe where you can stroll around everywhere, you might hit a snag here. Jacksonville is a pretty sprawling place, so having a car is pretty much a must to navigate the whole shebang.

And let’s talk safety. While it’s not the Wild West, Jacksonville does have its share of safety concerns. According to Neighborhood Scout, Jax gets a crime index of 1, which means it’s safer than only 1% of other cities in the U.S. So yeah, you’ll want to keep your wits about you, like you would in any big city.

Final Words: Jacksonville’s Safest Neighborhoods

Choosing the right Jacksonville neighborhood is key for families. Safety and community togetherness are top priorities. Avondale, Mandarin, Riverside, Seven Pines, and Eagle Bend fit the bill.

Where you raise your family shapes your whole Jacksonville experience. Will it feel like home? Will it nurture your family’s story?

These neighborhoods prove themselves as havens to plant roots. Find the one that resonates with your dream vision of family life. That’s your forever home sweet home.

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