Shower Resealing 7 Reasons To Hire A Professional

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Sep 11, 2022

Water is one of the most common causes of cosmetic and structural damage within a home. Rooms constantly exposed to water, like the shower, are more vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, keeping them waterproof is a must.

Shower sealants degrade over time, no matter how durable the materials used are. To maintain their waterproofing, resealing them at least every two years would help. With guides you can find online, it might seem easy to DIY. However, hiring a professional is still the best choice for the following reasons:

Guaranteed High-Quality Results

Hiring a professional for shower resealing guarantees high-quality results. Although doing it yourself is an affordable option, it poses more risks than benefits. If you’re not an expert in this project, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

When you hire a professional shower resealing service provider, like Shower Solutions, you’ll feel more secure. Experts have years of experience as proof of their high-quality work. Although it may be more expensive than DIY, the results will be worth every penny.

You may look for honest client reviews to ensure you’re hiring a reliable shower resealing expert. You can also ask about their past projects. Their years in the field are also one indication of their skills.

More Convenient

Shower resealing can be a tedious job, especially if it involves repair. Hiring a professional is the most convenient option. You don’t need to spend your day off working on a project.

Trusted professional shower resealing services offer convenience for all homeowners. They can do the job quickly as you go on with your day. Since it’s only a small project, some experts can finish it within a day. It’s faster and easier than figuring out how to do it yourself.

Thorough Inspection

Shower resealing is one of the essential home maintenance methods that prevent water damage. A tiny crack can let water seep into the walls. Sometimes, homeowners can’t notice these minor issues. Therefore, having an expert inspect your shower is the most practical choice.

Some shower resealing companies offer free thorough inspections upon booking their services. This way, they can determine whether your shower needs to be repaired before resealing. Specifying the issues beforehand saves you from further shower repair expenses in the future.

Prevent Structural Damage

Small chips and cracks in your shower can lead to severe problems when not addressed immediately. Some look for superficial cosmetic damage on the surface without knowing there’s more beneath it. Hiring a professional to inspect everything before resealing reveals the underlying issues to fix.

Water problems in the shower can cause severe structural damage if not repaired properly. Professionals have a keen eye even for the slightest signs of water damage that most homeowners fail to notice. Hiring an expert can keep your home strong and safe to live in.

Structural damage starting in showers and bathrooms is quite common in poorly maintained homes. Delaying the inspection and repair can only worsen the existing water damage. To prevent this major problem, it’s best to hire professionals.

Eliminate Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew accumulate in moist environments, like showers. While regular cleaning may help keep them at bay, they may grow in hard-to-reach areas, like small cracks on grouts and sealants. This is why professional resealing every one to two years is necessary.

Shower resealing is one of the most effective ways to eliminate mold and mildew. Ensuring every corner or edge is waterproof hinders their growth. Resealing also keeps the surface hydrophobic, eradicating water pooling and moisture retention.

Moreover, eliminating mold and mildew in your shower protects your health. Since it can cause allergic reactions and irritations, it’s best to prevent them from growing. Professional shower resealing can significantly help.

Improve The Visual Appeal

Everyone wants a sparkly clean shower. Failure to reseal it regularly can cause early deterioration. Eventually, a poorly-maintained shower can look outdated and uninviting.

Taking a shower is supposed to make you feel relaxed. This is why keeping it shiny and vibrant is a must. Regular professional resealing can make your shower look brand new by removing all the grease and grime accumulated in the corners. Making it more visually appealing can make at-home relaxation even more pleasurable.

Keep Shower Dirt and Stain-Free

Over time, the sealant may chip and deteriorate, no matter how durable. Aside from putting your home at risk of water damage, it can also cause a permanent stain. Resealing your shower is one way to avoid this issue.

Accumulated dirt and grime on the old sealant can cause stains in your shower. To prevent discoloration, resealing is imperative. Professionals carefully and thoroughly remove the old sealant before cleaning and resealing. A suitable sealant makes it easier to clean the hard-to-reach areas and keep your shower dirt- and stain-free for longer.


Hiring a professional is the best for home maintenance projects, especially shower resealing. While DIY is preferable for some, nothing beats the skills of an expert. Plus, you can ensure that the job is done excellently.

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