Tips and Tricks for Creative Storage Spaces

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Apr 4, 2024

Living spaces are shrinking and they cost a fortune. Small apartments to big villas – smart storage adds beauty and style to your home and looks pleasing to every visitor. Achieving this goal is a big task though as there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. It’s not that you need to hire an interior designer for this. You can easily do it yourself with some cool ideas that are innovative. It might add a bit to your expenses but in the end, it proves to be highly valuable. To optimize storage for a well-organized and clutter-free home, here are the top ideas you should try. These ideas apply to storage ideas for small spaces and also for large ones.

Get extra storage with vertical solutions

When you can’t go horizontal, the first thing to do is to go vertical. This will maximize space utilization in your home. Think of installing floor-to-ceiling shelves or cabinets. To make it better, you can add an illusion of height and provide ample room for various items.

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Look for the hidden storage

There’s a lot that we come across daily but don’t actually take seriously. Yes, the hidden spaces that we can utilize. To use them fully, Invest in multifunctional furniture and decor pieces that offer concealed storage. Ottomans with hidden compartments and coffee tables with drawers are some of the top ideas. Another popular way is to use bed frames with under-bed storage.

Fully use the nooks and crannies

You can easily convert small nooks and awkward corners into valuable storage spaces. To do this, first install custom-built shelves or cabinets. This will make sure that there’s full use of every inch of available space in your house.

Home storage solutions with modular furniture

Modular furniture is in trend and if you haven’t switched to it yet, now’s the time. It adds style to your home and at the same time, saves a lot of space by storing plenty of goods. It is adaptable to evolving needs. From modular shelving units to stackable bins, modular furniture adds a lot of flexibility in organizing your stuff.

Kitchen islands for multi-functionality

Kitchen island is a trend that has been around for some time now and many people are switching to it. That’s because it provides additional workspace, and house appliances, and offers various storage configurations. Cupboards, pull-out racks, drawers, and open shelving are highly versatile options for storing items. And it could be anything – from dry food to decorative pieces.

Mirrored bathroom cabinets

This is another smart way to maximize bathroom storage. Use tall mirrored cabinets that reach the ceiling. Use them to store infrequently used items on top and everyday essentials on lower shelves. For better utilization, add wall space by combining single and double cabinets. This will make it more functional and also aesthetically pleasing.

Be creative with closet storage

There’s a lot in the closet – in terms of your belongings and also the scope to store more. Buy space-saving hangers and hanging shelves. At the bottom, there should always be a provision for pull-out shoe racks. Custom closet designs are able to meet specific storage needs so when buying a new one, go for a very functional design keeping in mind all these points. Seeing the huge amount of clothes and shoes we tend to buy, the closet is an important part of every space. So, you really need to be innovative here.

Find out all underutilized spaces

We create space and then we forget about it or never use it the way we should. To overcome this, you should convert underutilized spaces into practical storage areas. Some of these include areas under the stairs or above doors and windows. An innovative approach can create storage solutions for these spaces that will make your walls lively and beautiful-looking.

Buy a modular sofa and bed

There are many options in this category – from turning a bed into a sofa or expanding a sofa to becoming your bed. And if none of these suit you, simply separate all the pieces, pack them, and put them in some less used area. The option to separate and rearrange the sofas and beds provides you plenty of space where you can do yoga or for kids to spread their toys and play. Don’t be worried about the engineering part – these are easy DIY sofas and beds so you don’t really need to dial an expert to do that for you.

Use a bar cart

For a second, this might take you for a surprise but then you will know about its high-level utility and be left surprised. Make use of a bar cart as a stylish end table. Place it somewhere next to a couch or chair in your bedroom or even the living room. These little carts on wheels can easily be tucked away in some corner. This means less clutter and an overall neat look in your space. If you lack the proper cabinet space or there are no big closets, use these carts.

Extend your countertops

Maybe your space is large but the need for a kitchen to be more spacious has arisen. In both scenarios you might not be able to add space and the countertops start looking small. If you’ve run out of storage, the best way out is to add countertop space by hiding all small and heavy appliances like juicers, toasters, microwaves – basically anything that’s not necessary there. You should put all the common countertop appliances away in the store or create mounted cabinets. To use them when you want, get a ladder. Some of it might not look convenient in every situation. But for small appliances, it works out the best.


It does not matter how big or small a home is. At some or the other time, you feel a space crunch. The solution in such times is not to buy a new home – that’s a rare possibility. You should rather think about creative tips and tricks that can transform your existing home into a functional space that can accommodate almost everything you want. The opportunity for this is in every corner – from bedrooms to kitchen, kid’s room to the bathrooms. You just need to be ready for some DIY and create a small budget. From there, use these above tips and you’ll see real magic in terms of extra space for storage.

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