Top Tasks to Take Care of Before Moving Into a New Home

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Jan 7, 2023

Have you bought a new property recently and are getting ready to move into it in the new year? If so, this is an exciting time, and you’re undoubtedly keen to make the move as soon as possible.

However, it’s wise to hold off a little bit and complete various tasks in the property before you live there, as it’s much easier to do work before you’re situated on-site. Here are some top jobs to take care of before moving day.

Have Wiring Inspected

One of the first things to look into is the wiring in the home you’re moving into. This is particularly vital if the property is an older one. The wiring needs to be reliable and safe, but non-modern homes often have issues such as loose connections, broken wires, rusted cables, or even wires chewed and frayed by pests such as mice or rats. Such negatives can make fires and electrocution hazards more of a risk.

As such, get an electrician or other qualified tradesperson to come in and check out the wiring in and around the property to see if any needs replacing. You may also want some other electrical work done simultaneously to ensure your new place is move-in ready. For example, you might add some power points, smoke and carbon dioxide alarms, Ethernet cabling, vacuum points, recessed lighting, and security systems.

Repair or Replace Appliances

Next, test out all the appliances in your new property to see if they all work and, if so, if they’re efficient enough. Just because people were living in your home before you bought it, whether as tenants or owners, doesn’t mean that you can rely on everything being in working order. Many people know there’s a problem with one or more appliances but don’t bother updating them when they’re moving out soon.

Check all the goods, even newer-seeming ones, to see what needs repair work or replacing. This includes stove tops, ovens, dishwashers, hot water systems, etc. Depending on the problems you find, you might need to call in a contractor to quote on repairs, or you may just decide to replace appliances altogether. Keep in mind that if you’ve purchased an abode that wasn’t built very long ago, some things may still be under warranty, so you may be able to get some appliances fixed or replaced for no charge.

Get Heating and Cooling Sorted

Some of the most essential appliances in a home tend to be the ones we use to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. If your new place doesn’t have decent heating and cooling devices, you’ll likely want to get this sorted before you move in. It pays to install ceiling fans with remote controls in each bedroom and living space and add gas heating, a fireplace, or another heating option.

In addition, you may want to get a reverse-cycle air-conditioning unit installed or some other HVAC system. You might like ducted HVAC throughout the whole house or, for a more affordable selection, opt for one or two wall-based units to heat and cool your home as needed.

Another way to keep your home temperate year-round and ensure you don’t have to outlay so much money on heating and cooling is to add more insulation. If the home is an older one, it may have little insulation or have insulation that has been disintegrating over time. As such, it may need to replacing or adding to. Doing this job will seal the home better and stop it from getting so hot in summer and cold in winter. In addition, it’s worth replacing windows or the glass in them if they’re old and not sealing or closing correctly.

Remove Any Hazards that Could Pose a Safety Risk

Before you move into your new property, it’s also wise to eliminate any hazards that could pose a safety risk to you, your family, and your pets. For example, work on removing mold, mildew, rot, and rust, as well as asbestos and lead paint. Plus, attend to pest infestations, such as rodents, snakes, termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, and the like. This is particularly important if you bought the home in as-is condition.

Other tasks to take care of before living in your abode are getting plumbing checked and pipes repaired or replaced, and also water leaks underground that lead into your property. You might want to spruce up the kitchens and bathrooms by adding new tiling, replacing faucets and other tapware, installing new lighting, and replacing cupboard handles and knobs.

Taking the time and spending the money to do these tasks may feel a little overwhelming when you’ve just invested a lot of money in buying a place, but it’s worth doing these things ASAP as it’s easier before you move in.

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