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Oct 21, 2021

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Did you know the Atlanta area is home to nearly 100 zip codes? When searching for a home to buy, we often pay attention to the areas we want to live in rather than the actual zip code.

While zip codes were initially created to simplify mail delivery, they also define the cities we live in. Most cities are composed of various zip codes each offering their own communities, job opportunities, home availability, schooling options, and overall lifestyle.

Every zip code in Atlanta and its metro Atlanta areas is unique in their own way. But, there are some that stand out from the crowd. Knowing which specific zip codes are the best to live in might not have initially crossed your mind until now.

Are you looking to move to Atlanta? Consider these top zip codes in Atlanta, as well as those surrounding them. No matter what zip code you choose to live in, you will surely not be disappointed.

30005- Alpharetta, GA

Located in northern Fulton County, Alpharetta is one of Atlanta’s most sought-after suburbs. The city is known for its great parks, excellent schools, family-friendly events, and unique shopping/dining experiences such as the Avalon. Alpharetta also features a recently revitalized downtown with plenty of fun businesses to explore. Referred to as the “Technology City of the South,” Alpharetta is home to several large, innovative companies including UPS, Microsoft, ADP, and Equifax.

Approximately 34,442 residents call Alpharetta’s 30005 zip code home. Like most of Alpharetta, this zip code is highly affluent and one of Atlanta’s wealthiest metro areas with a median home value of $567,232. Students living within this Alpharetta zip code attend top-rated Fulton County School District. Most notable schools include Big Creek Elementary, South Forsyth Middle School and Northview High School.

View homes for sale in Alpharetta here.

30064- Marietta, GA

If you’re looking for a vibrant small town feel with convenience to the city, Marietta is one to consider. Marietta residents love the city for it’s welcoming local community, its charming residential streets, and its historic atmosphere. In the heart of Marietta is it’s lively downtown square where you will find restaurants, shops, theatres, museums, coffee shops, community events, and nightlife galore.

Marietta’s desired 30064 zip code is part of the Marietta City School’s system. West Side, A.L. Burrus and Hickory Hills Elementary serve as the neighborhood elementary schools. Older students attend Marietta Sixth Grade Academy, Marietta Middle School, and Marietta High Schools. Marietta’s population sits at around 46,076 and has an average home value of $398,632.

View homes for sale in Marietta here.

30030- Decatur, GA

Despite its proximity to Atlanta, Decatur maintains its own identity and charm. The streets of Downtown Decatur are lined with restaurants, bars, shops, public art and more that draw in crowds daily. This ITP city is highly praised for its great diversity, walkability, great public schools, and strong housing market. Being just a short six miles from Atlanta, job opportunities are just a short commute away.

While Decatur's median home value currently stands at around $485,609, the city’s approximately 26,473 residents can tell you that living there is well worth the higher costs. This is largely due to its quality schools, its unbeatable convenience to work opportunities, and the unique smaller town in the big city vibe.

View homes for sale in Decatur here.

30075- Roswell, GA

Roswell is yet another Fulton County city that makes our list of top zip Atlanta codes. While Roswell is probably the most populous city on our list, that doesn’t mean that it is the most crowded. Roswell is home to 18 scenic parks, as well as a lovely historic district where community events like “Alive in Roswell” take place. The city is packed full of exciting things to do and historic sites to see.

The 30075 zip code covers a large portion of Roswell including the Roswell Square, and is home to about 52,573 residents. Luckily, Roswell is the eighth largest city in Georgia which  means home options are plentiful despite the abundance of people living there. If you are searching for a home, expect average home values to be around $558,187. With top-notch schools and safe neighborhoods, 30075 is an address to keep in mind.

View homes for sale in Roswell here.

30096- Duluth,GA

Duluth is a well-rounded city in all aspects. Homes are affordable, schools are great, the community is inclusive, and the commute to the city is a breeze. At its heart, the Duluth Town Green is host to entertainment events and home to a variety of specialty merchants. Whether you watch the Georgia Swarm across team play, float down the Chattahoochee River, or shop your way through the city, you are sure to experience the “Spirit of Good Living” in Duluth.

Approximately 62,265 people reside in Duluth’s 30096 zip code. The area spans across much of Duluth which includes the popular downtown area and some of the city’s best schools. Besides the diverse local community and family-friendly appeal, Duluth’s other big draw is the affordability of homes. Typical home values here are around $329,769 which is much less than other metro Atlanta cities.

View homes for sale in Duluth here.

Remember not to limit yourself to just these few top zip codes. Instead, use these zip codes as a guide. Research surrounding zip codes to find the perfect place that meets your lifestyle and housing needs within your preferred budget.

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