Upgrade Your Home’s Value with These Hacks!

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Oct 27, 2022

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life and this can have numerous effects on you. It might be emotional, mental, and also in financial as you invest in your house.

While owning a house, it’s a wise idea to complete small projects aimed at increasing the value of your home over the years. As your equity of the house grows, you’ll be glad that you invested in small upgrades along the way.

If you’re plan on selling your house soon or you just want to increase the value over time, follow these hacks to upgrade your home’s value.

Be energy efficient in your home

Having energy-efficient homes can drastically increase the value of your own home. With an energy-efficient home, you can easily save and lower electric bills in your home, you can do this by installing a smart thermostat and investing in home tech.

This then will help appeal to buyers to buy the house or if not for sale, will easily increase the value. Who doesn’t want a house that can save energy and money?

Maximize your curb appeal

What’s the first thing home buyers or people see at a house? It’s the front of the home. Making your front elevation beautiful and clean can easily appeal to the buyers or people of your house, which then will increasingly add value to your house by up to almost 7%.

You can enhance your curb appeal by cleaning your driveway with a power wash, adding greenery to your lawn, mowing your lawn, or even washing the windows. All of the ways to enhance your curb appeal can help make your home look nice and increase its value of it.

Brighten up the place with fresh paint

The most evident and big change you can do to improve the value of your house is by painting your house – including interior walls, exterior trim, door casing and trim. This is a popular approach because a new color of your house can easily make it brand new.

It can even also fix a worn or old-looking wall and ceiling just by adding fresh paint to it.  This also helps in experimenting with a different kind of look for your house.

You could try a combination of bold colors or a simple aesthetic one that can make your home look homey. Nonetheless, a fresh paint to your home increases its value drastically and it is not an expensive change

Upgrade plumbing fixtures

One type of upgrade that gives the most bang for your buck is a cosmetic kitchen or bath rehab. For the kitchen this could include replacing the kitchen faucet or adding a garbage disposal.

Baths are typically easier to upgrade as well. You could quickly replace a vanity, toilet or sink or shower faucet is less than one day. Try a gold patina finish or modern black finish to give your bathroom a pop of color!

Clean and declutter living areas and closets

If you a looking for a quick way to increase the value of your home, then start by cleaning and decluttering your own home. The ways you could do this is to start cleaning out your closet, make a garage sale, or donate your clothes, items or furniture, or anything that you will not need.

Try to sweep and mop your home as well, sweep the ceiling, under the furniture, or in any nook and crannies, then mop the floors.  You could also hire some professional for some stubborn stains or yourself. Overall, simple cleaning and decluttering will make your home look good and it will also add value to your home!

Repurpose your basement or other unfinished spaces

Making room for an additional living square foot will improve the value of your home by a lot. Every square foot you can offer will make your home more appealing and also has an advantage compared to others.

You can start this by makeover some of the rooms that you do not use like some big closets, attics, or storage rooms in your home. If you do not want an expensive project, you can simply clean the room, put in a drywall, or a simple carpet to make it look like an additional room to live in!

Final thoughts

The steps listed are a great tip to start adding value to your home for selling or just building value to your home. You can start small projects like painting, cleaning, and decluttering up to big projects like making a room. Overall, you can start adding value to your own home now with the hacks listed!

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