12 Ways To Give An Old Home A Facelift

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Feb 8, 2024

Updating your home is an excellent idea worth considering. Adding new features and revamping existing ones can help you transform an old home into a modern property. This, in turn, will automatically increase its value while providing features that will boost your family’s comfort. However, knowing what to do is equally important if you want the best results. Here are some proven ways to turn an old home into a super appealing haven in the new year.

1. Transform the bathroom

Bathroom upgrades are worth it. You can easily refresh your bathroom by replacing outdated items with brand-new ones. For instance, you may want to consider updating the vanity, faucets, and shower curtains. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge impact on your bathroom. Similarly, investing in modern cabinet pulls, plush towels, remarkable lantern fixtures, and beautiful indoor plants can make an old bathroom feel new, so feel free to consider this. 

2. Replace window treatments

Changing window treatments is an underrated home upgrade idea. Many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking window treatments, which causes them to miss out on stunning decorative layers. Consider dressing windows to suit your style and taste, and feel free to introduce geometric curtain panels and bamboo shades to create endless minimalist possibilities. Finally, remember that you can always take window décor inspiration from existing color schemes in your home.

3. Install a stylish wallpaper

Removing old wallpapers and inserting stylish new ones will surely let you modernize your space. Temporary and semi-permanent wallpaper options are available, and you can change them regularly to transform the looks of your home interior. Turn a plain wall into an ornate décor with a design that defines your personality. 

4. Build a smart home system

Make it a point to invest in a smart home system. You can build a tech-oriented space by adding various components like sensors, smart bulbs, security cameras, and speakers. Consider integrating these systems into a hub that allows you to control various devices from your smartphone. Adding voice-activated assistants and automatic lighting can make your home extra efficient and newer, so keep this in mind. 

5. Replace small furniture with larger pieces

Bigger furniture pieces can steal the show. This is particularly effective if it reflects your design style and you want to achieve a decor that compliments surrounding old details you still admire. Replacing small furniture with gargantuan sofas is worth it, provided you have enough room for the upgrade. You don’t necessarily have to do away with the old furniture; relocate them to a different room to serve another purpose.

6. Make your hardwood floor shine again

Bringing back the shine to your hardwood floor is another practical way to refresh your home. Are you tired of seeing the same old and worn-out floors? Consider leveraging hardwood floor refinishing services to restore the elegance and beauty of your space. These experts will revive the beauty of your hardwood floors and preserve the structural integrity of your wood.

7. Give the kitchen a major facelift

The kitchen is one focal point of your home you shouldn’t ignore when remodeling. Fortunately, kitchens don’t require a complete overhauling. Depending on its condition, you may have to make a few changes to renew it. Replacing old kitchen cabinet knobs with ultramodern hardware is sure to improve the appearance of the room. Similarly, you could install a touchless faucet and update the countertops for a more sophisticated look. 

8. Boost your curb appeal with landscaping

Curb appeal describes how your house appears from the outside point of view, and is a huge factor that influences buyers’ perception of your home. According to a 2019 study published in a real estate journal, properties with high curb appeal sell 7% more than those with less impressive exterior looks. Taking care of your landscaping is one way to boost curb appeal. Homeowners who aren’t professional gardeners tend to let shrubs and trees outgrow, but trimming these can make your front yard shine. You can get landscaping ideas tailored to your home by consulting a landscaping professional goodbye. 

9. Kiss your old carpet goodbye

Studies reveal a common element in older homes is an outdated carpet that is out of style. Luckily, ripping up your old carpet is a simple exercise. However, replacing or fixing what’s underneath can be tricky. The majority of homeowners opt for hardwood flooring, with 32% suggesting that it is a smart move. Therefore, you may want to replace noticeably worn carpeting with hardwood. Choosing laminate, which is more affordable than real wood, makes sense if you are on a limited budget.

10. Replace old light fixtures

Lighting plays an important role in a home. It brightens your space and defines the look and feel of a room. You can add a refreshing touch to your home by replacing dated light fixtures with new ones. Their designs evolve regularly, so make sure to replace outdated sconces, pendants, and chandeliers. Dim rooms may shine again if you replace soft white light bulbs with daylight versions. While at it, don’t overlook the exterior lighting, too. In some cases, you can revive the elegance by updating a light fixture’s finish by adding a fresh coat of paint. 

11. Rethink the fireplace

The fireplace is one fixture that can put a damper on your home. Fortunately, revamping it can be as simple as repainting old red brick with a refreshing white or another befitting shade. Retiling is also a great way to transform an old fireplace with a modern touch. Fireplaces that no longer function or lack the capacity to create a great impact may require a replacement.

12. Lay down a rug

A new abstract print can make an outdated room feel trendy. You could use a vintage rug to improve an old home’s features. Knowing where to position your rug is equally important for a sophisticated design. 

Your old home can be transformed into an ultramodern property with the right tips. Hopefully, you’ll leverage the tips discussed above for the best results. 

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