What First-Time Homeowners Should Know About Garbage Handling and Services

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Dec 13, 2022

Congratulations on becoming a first-time homeowner! As you may have already noticed, owning a home comes with many responsibilities, but one thing you should always pay attention to is garbage handling. Finding the right garbage handling services ensures your family’s safety and protects the environment. Here is all you need to know about garbage handling and services as a first-time homeowner.

Find Out How Your Area Handles Garbage

Before moving to your new neighborhood, take some time to research garbage handling and services in your area. When moving where there’s a Homeowners Association, they may take care of the garbage collection service fees, but research who pays for it. In many communities, setting up garbage pickup services also involves recycling collection.

During your research, check out your municipality’s website for the listed garbage handling services and if Waste Management pickup is offered in your area. When moving to a rural area, the municipality’s website will provide details on the recycling options and the local transfer stations. For instance, residents may use their local fire department’s dumpsters for recycling, while others use roadside recycling stations.

Your Garbage Handling Options

Different garbage handling options exist, but the first step is determining your family’s garbage collection needs and picking the right bin sizes.  For example, if you have a large family that produces a lot of waste, you will need a bigger bin size than a small family.  Once you’ve figured out your needs, you can choose between these garbage-handling options:

(i) Curbside recycling pickups

Choosing curbside recycling pickups means being environmentally friendly with minimal effort. You only need to use the appropriate recycling bin, and the trash pickup service will take care of the rest. Identify the class number of your recyclables since your town may only accept specific recyclables.

(ii) Scheduled trash pickup services

Most garbage disposal companies understand that each household has different needs when it comes to waste removal, and they offer various garbage collection services to accommodate these needs.

(iii) Renting a temporary dumpster

Renting a temporary dumpster makes sense when your designated container cannot handle the amount of waste you generate. You can rent dumpsters in various sizes at trash collection companies to remove rubbish, trash, and other debris.

(iv) Scheduling a large garbage pickup

This option is ideal when you want to dispose of bulky items such as household furniture and appliances, some of which might be too large to fit in a trash bin or dumpster. Generally, trash companies only pick up large items such as mattresses, furniture, and appliances if you call in advance. So, before putting anything out for curbside pickup, call your trash removal company to schedule a pickup.

How to Set Up a Garbage Pickup

After choosing the garbage handling option that meets your need, it is now time to schedule a pickup. Follow the following steps for a smooth process:

Compile your information

Setting up a garbage pickup service involves providing information on the pickup address, the date you moved in, and whether there was a previous collection service at the same address.

Select the bin size that you need

Select the size of the trash collection bins you need. For instance, 64-gallon containers are ideal for smaller families. Though some trash collection companies may charge a usage fee for each bin, some companies don’t charge a fee for recycling.

Set up your service

Setting up your service usually involves filling out a physical form in person, applying online, or by phone. The company may request you to pay for the garbage collection service in advance, and they will guide you on how to make the payment.

Review and verification

The trash collection company will review your application and set up a pickup at your new address. If you previously had a different company, they will confirm if you prefer continuing with the same pickup service.

Start using the services

Once you have set up your service and the company has verified your application, they will deliver the garbage collection bins to your address. You can begin using the garbage handling service the next day as soon as you receive the bins.

Choosing the Right Garbage Handling Service

Choosing a garbage handling service can seem daunting with the endless options available, but there’s no need to worry. Focusing on a few key factors makes it easier to choose a trash removal service. Before choosing a local garbage pickup company, consider the following factors:

Recycling Policy

Where does your garbage go? This is a primary factor when choosing a garbage handling service. You have a responsibility to know how the company handles your trash. Most trash disposal companies are focusing on recycling, which is an essential part of waste management.

Take time to find out how your service provider deals with different types of trash, if they offer other containers, and how they handle non-recyclable garbage. Choose a company with a comprehensive waste recycling program that is environmentally friendly.


A company’s experience in garbage collection is a crucial factor to consider. Although any waste pickup company can handle all types of waste, companies with decades of experience can provide higher-quality services than new companies without an established reputation.

You also need a service provider who is legally and ethically compliant at every step of the recycling and collection process. Waste collection companies must adhere to several requirements, so before hiring a company, ensure they have all the necessary qualifications and credentials.


The company you choose must be capable of handling the volume of waste you generate in your home. The company should provide you with a detailed pickup schedule, so your trash won’t overflow. It should also have adequate trucks and employees for regular trips on your route.


The garbage removal company should have competitive pricing for its services. You get what you pay for, so cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better service. Before settling on one company, compare several price quotes. Breaking down price measures is crucial to ensuring the company provides only quality services. A suitable service provider will deliver excellent service at a reasonable price.

Type of services

Different trash collection companies have other collection methods for the types of waste they collect. Check to see if they offer recycling services in your area. If you frequently produce toxic household waste, select a disposal service that can appropriately handle it.


Reliability is one of the critical considerations when choosing a service provider. Check their public reviews and find out what their customers think. In addition to their experience in the waste industry, it’s also essential to know how long they’ve been serving your area.

It is vital to choose a waste service that is convenient for you and suits your needs. Check what days they service your area and when they are there. It may not be possible for them to change that if it doesn’t suit your needs, but a good company will collect the garbage on time and make it as effortless as possible.

Customer Service

The garbage collection company is a business first, meaning it needs customers to stay in business. You should ensure that the company you choose has a good customer service department since you will likely be in contact with them. Communication is key to ensuring that your workflow is smooth and that you receive the needed services.

Bottom Line

Moving into a new home involves several steps, including researching garbage handling services in your area. Consider your overall household needs before setting up services so you can get enough bins for your household. There should be a variety of options available, from basic pickup service to renting a large dumpster.

While only some garbage removal companies can guarantee the best services for your needs, the above factors will help you choose the right garbage handling service for the best price.

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