Where are the Places to Invest in Property in the UK?

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Sep 26, 2023

Only in the right location can property investment be successful over time because where an investor buys property can greatly affect their profit. UK property investment is ideal now, but investors must know where to be sought. For all investors, these real estate markets offer risk-free investments with high returns and portfolio diversification. Compared to volatile assets, property investment may provide better financial security.

In the UK, locations like Birmingham and Oldham’s real estate market offer several opportunities. Without being physically present, property investors can look out for property investment opportunities through websites. To locate a wide range of housing investment choices, Rentola Oldham offers house listings available for rent in Oldham. Since several locations are witnessing a price increase, leading to high rent levels, making informed decisions with experts’ assistance increases the holdings’ diversity. This resource is an in-depth guide to the best places to invest in properties in the UK.

The Best Property Markets in the United Kingdom

For first-time property investors, here are the best UK real estate investment destinations:

1. Birmingham

Birmingham is a top UK investment destination. One of Birmingham’s biggest draws is its inexpensive cost of living. Birmingham has a far better income-to-housing price ratio than the rest of the UK. The city is recruiting competent people with the income to spend due to its thriving tech and financial sectors. The tech sector is developing at the quickest rate in the country. Additionally, Birmingham remains the most preferred destination for those migrating out of London. Furthermore, Birmingham has a sizable potential rental market since 40% of the population is under 25, and the student retention rate is 49%.

2. Nottingham

This UK location offers one of the best real estate investment prospects. Nottingham boasts the greatest average rental yields in the UK and great housing price gains, making it one of the UK rental market’s undiscovered treasures. Before investing, receiving first-hand lessons from pro investors will further guide one’s investment decisions in Nottingham. This location’s property investment is one of the most successful in the UK because of its fame. For years, the city’s average property price has risen dramatically. Nottingham housing prices have risen 39.5% since 2018, 12% more than the national average. Thus, investors seeking capital growth may consider the city. Property costs in Nottingham are £100k lower than the UK average, which contributes to its strong employment sector.

3. Oldham

Smart real estate investors would consider Oldham. This is because the area features some of the most affordable investment real estate in the nation and the surrounding area. Even though Oldham is a very populated urban region, the surrounding lands are suburban. Some of the most remote areas of Oldham are highly rural and extend out into the Pennines and the Peak District National Park. These places are city periphery. Oldham has some of the lowest house prices in the UK, below Manchester and the national average. The current market value of a home in Oldham averages out to be £148,598. However, it is feasible to discover affordable investment property in Oldham at a price significantly lower than the average price.

4. Manchester

Over the years, Manchester has seen some of the best capital appreciation returns and top three price growth. Manchester ranks high in the UK property investment locations. Over the past year, rental income grew 19.5%. Over the next four years, North West home values are expected to rise 17.4%. This growth should follow the trend. This is mainly due to the city’s fast-growing economy and population, which have advanced in recent years. In residential tenancy, Manchester continues to be a prominent option for London.

The city has one of the youngest demographics in the UK, with 38.7% of its residents falling in the age range of 18 to 35 years old, indicating a large rental market.

5. Liverpool

Large enterprises in Liverpool boost the IT, finance, and tourist sectors. Liverpool has over 50,000 students and two of the world’s greatest universities. Thus, the demand for student housing is consistently high, creating profitable prospects for student property investors. Liverpool is a desirable place to live, work, and invest due to its spectacular architecture, UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, and culture. This dynamic metropolis offers a chance for significant returns and long-term success due to the robust fundamentals fueling investment expansion and rental demand.


This guide has conducted an in-depth review of the most profitable areas in the UK to invest in property. The United Kingdom is home to several additional hotspots for investment, and the regions discussed here provide substantial opportunities with substantial development potential at a fraction of the price. Undoubtedly, at least one of these areas will pique the interest of investors, whether they are interested in places with high rental returns, markets for cheap housing, or places with promising futures.

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