How to Search for Previous Address Information

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Mar 7, 2024

Finding all your addresses in one source is difficult, or almost impossible, to do. Modern search sources are adapted to the different records in the public domain. Today, all information is computerized, so data about each person is stored in specific databases. This makes it possible to find the necessary information about their previous addresses quickly.

Where can I find my previous addresses?

How do I see my previous addresses for the last ten years?

  • Utilize credit history reports. When someone takes out a loan, they must draw up a contract with all the relevant data. If you have taken out several loans in the last ten years, you may have to get information about your previous address from there. This way of searching and checking information is only suitable for those who have taken out a loan at least once. This method does not apply to minors.
  • Look at the information in the tax records. These reports are filled out annually and are mandatory for everyone who works. When filling out the form, there is a box about the current address. If you save all documents on your computer, finding the information you need will be much easier and more accessible. If not, use the application where the declaration was filled out. There is a free version that allows you to view limited information. Use the paid application if you need a more complete and detailed report.
  • Utilize shared resources. Today, some databases are open to users. That is, anyone can go to the site and enter the desired query in the search box. After registration, you get the information you need if it is in the registry. There are also third-party companies that provide this service. But it would help if you were more careful in choosing them so as not to fall for fraudsters and not to pass on confidential data.

These sources will help answer the question: How Do I Find My Previous Addresses?

Use several options to get the results you want. It is important to remember that you should not pay attention to sites or companies with a bad reputation or those that cause you doubts. It is better to use official sources that guarantee personal data protection.

We often fill out different forms where we provide personal information. For example, loan applications require accurate and truthful information. In some cases, the current and previous addresses may be requested. You can use a search engine to avoid constantly searching for these data in numerous documents. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to fill out forms requiring you to enter your residency information.

When may I need the address of a previous residence?

Sometimes, remembering all the addresses where you live takes a lot of work. This may be due to frequent moves and renting from different tenants. Occasionally, you may need information about your previous address very urgently. Then, you must search for other sources and use all your resources. Let’s find out when this information may be relevant so that it does not surprise you.

Most often, it is the lenders who request additional information. This is where banks collect the maximum information about their customers. Why do they do this – To understand the solvency and reliability of the client. For example, the client has not paid rent in the previous two places of his residence and is still in arrears. Then, the bank has every right to refuse its client. This indicates that he is unreliable.

A potential employer may need data on the previous place of residence. This is necessary to confirm the authenticity of the information provided by the employee. Therefore, it is always important to provide only up-to-date and truthful information. If you have any doubts about their accuracy, it is better to check several times in several sources at once.

How do you use people search sites?

It’s no secret that finding a person today is not that difficult. Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you can quickly find any data on the Internet. Of course, it is more challenging to get the exact residence address for the last few years. Ordinary search queries will not yield results since this information is not publicly available.

How do you find a list of your previous addresses?

You can always use online services. These are sites that contain information about people, where they live, contact details, and the like. In order to find the right person and his address, you need to register on the portal. Each user is provided with a personal account, where the search history is saved. How does it work?

All you need is to choose a tariff plan if the site or program is not free. Some versions allow you to find the necessary information for a few clicks for free. But please note that you can get more detailed and complete information only with a paid tariff since the system is adapted for advanced search.

After registration and payment of the tariff, you need to enter the details of whose address you want to get. Afterward, the system will generate information that is collected from all databases. Clients receive the data as a report to their e-mail or personal cabinet. They can always print them out and use them for their purposes.

Up-to-date information about previous addresses is always available online. Thanks to modern technology, everyone can try to find data about their place of residence for a certain period. It is essential to pay attention to the resources that are used for the search. Paid portals allow getting more information than free ones. Before using websites to search for information, it is worth paying attention to personal sources: credit reports, tax statements, etc. It is recommended that you save the data obtained for future use. You may need information about previous addresses at any time.

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