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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't using an agent free to me as a buyer?

Not exactly. When a seller lists their home, they specify what they’ll pay their Listing Agent to sell their home and what they’ll pay a Buyer’s Agent (typically 3% to each agent, 6% in total.) If the buyer doesn’t have an agent, generally the Listing Agent receives both commissions. While the seller actually pays the commission, it’s with money they receive from the buyer. In essence, you as the buyer are really the one paying this commission. So why not get some of your money back with the SimpleShowing Buyer’s Refund?

How do you give back so much money?

The short answer is by letting savvy buyers like you do the shopping. Our model is not designed to support buyers that are at the earliest stage of their home search or buyers who want to tour dozens of properties per week for several months. Rather, we support buyers who already have a good sense of their target zip code, price point and purchase timeframe. By working primarily with these buyers, we are able to deliver unparalleled value, guidance and expertise. Because our buyers are sharing more of the work themselves during the search process, we’re able to refund up to half of our commission towards your closing costs.

How does your closing cost credit work?

The seller typically pays us a commission equal to 2.5% - 3% of the home's purchase price for representing you as your "Buyer's Agent". Instead of keeping it all, we give you up to 1% of the final sales price in the form of a physical check or a closing credit. New construction homes that involve no showings may be eligible for a higher refund.

Please note: The refund is subject to a minimum net commission of $5,000 to SimpleShowing and may decrease on a tiered basis after the first five showings. It also may be subject to lender approval and could be restricted with certain loan products. Talk with your mortgage professional about your anticipated Buyer Refund. See Terms and Conditions for complete details about our Buyer Refund.

When/how should I get started with SimpleShowing as a home buyer?

Feel free to call, text or email us any time about a specific property. We can get answers or details you weren't able to find in the listing. The best time to start touring homes with SimpleShowing is about 6-8 weeks before you plan to make an offer. Many of the buyers we work with are already actively looking for properties on their own via open houses or by contacting listing agents directly.

If you already have a home (or couple of homes) that you want to see, give us a call or schedule a showing online or through our mobile app. We’ll line up a single showing or a full day of showings for you. And remember, our Buyer Refund means you’ll get back up to half of the buyer’s agent commission at closing — $6,000 on average.

Besides the property showing, what other type of help do you provide buyers?

Our expert agents and staff provide assistance throughout the entire buying process — from identifying possible properties to writing the offer, and from contract negotiations all the way through closing. We can answer any questions regarding a specific property, neighborhood or zip code, provide a list of comparable homes, contact a listing agent on your behalf and give you advice on a property before you make an offer. When you’re ready, we’ll help you write a compelling offer, then we’ll help negotiate and respond to any counter-offers or contingencies. We can also help line up property inspections and suggest lenders, insurance companies and real estate attorneys as needed from our network of service providers. In short, we do everything a traditional agent does — except keep all the commission for ourselves.

Who meets me at the property for the home tour?

You can book a showing on our website or mobile app and one of our licensed agents will meet you at the home. The specific agent will be based on the geographic area of the property you want to see, as well as the date and time you select.

How do you handle inspections, appraisals and the pre-closing process?

We coordinate the buyer’s side of the closing process in partnership with the listing agent, closing agent and loan officer. We help our buyers with disclosures, inspections, requests for repair and loan approvals — anything and everything that arises during the closing process.

How do I schedule a home showing?

You can schedule home showings however is most convenient for you: via our website, mobile app or by calling us or contacting one of our agents directly. As long as you use SimpleShowing as your Buyer Agent, you’ll be eligible for our Buyer Refund.

How will I get my closing cost credit?

It will either be applied to your closing costs or issued as a check at the time of closing. If applied as a closing credit, you will be see the refund as a line item on the closing statement and pay less out of pocket for your home. This means that the refund reduces the total amount of cash that you're required to bring to closing. The refund is handled with directly with the closing attorney, title coordinator, and/or the escrow and loan officer. The refund is separate from the purchase contract and does not affect the seller in any way. Lender approval may be required. We suggested talking with your lender about your anticipated Buyer Refund.