6 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Home Interiors

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Oct 24, 2023

While styling home interiors can be costly, the end result will undoubtedly justify the means. However, many homeowners commit decorating mistakes that can make the entire endeavor more expensive than necessary. Here are six interior design pitfalls you must avoid to help you secure your dream home. 

Not setting goals

Homeowners who rush into transforming their home interiors without clear goals usually waste more money, time, and effort than those who plan ahead. If you want to be productive, establish your home decor vision early on. Get inspiration from various platforms and trusted professionals. Create a mood board to help you organize your design ideas and efficiently communicate your concepts. 

Not taking measurements

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your furniture is, they are insignificant if they don’t fit your doorway. Never buy furniture, especially bulky ones, without getting their dimensions first. Measure the space where you’ll place your furniture and remember to give some leeway for foot traffic. 

Even if you have a spacious house or an open floor plan layout, make it a habit to always take measurements of your furniture and other furnishings to ensure they are proportionate to the volume of your space. 

Poor lighting

Another common interior design mistake is poor or inadequate lighting. Lighting is integral in interior design, as it can make or break the overall look of a room. Refrain from using only one or two lighting types and maximize natural light as much as possible. Vary and layer your lighting, and consider not only the light color but also the quantity. Ensure your light sources can be switched separately, as they each serve various purposes. 

Buying trendy home items

While most modern interior decor are relevant and consumer-driven, some are just exaggerated fads designed to make a profit. Instead of buying popular home items, invest in high-quality ones that can stand the test of time. Apart from your furniture, be selective of your furnishings, such as curtains, cushions, rugs, and bedding. Choose a well-respected brand like Quince, which offers quality yet affordable sheets and bedding. 


With various home design inspirations available, it is normal for homeowners to get overwhelmed, causing them to go overboard when decorating. Take time to collate your ideas so you can plan and prepare more efficiently. Refrain from buying impulsively or designing everything in one go. Avoid decorating every nook and corner, and be mindful of your decor arrangement. Remember to conduct scale and proportion to ensure all your decor elements are in perfect harmony. 

Over coordinated décor

Aside from overdecorating, you must also avoid matching all your decorations. Matching furnishings is an old-fashioned décor trend that doesn’t always translate to cohesive design. Refrain from using only one color palette and learn to mix and match various styles. Contrasting furnishings help add character to your home interiors and make your space look more well-coordinated. 


Whether renovating your home or moving into your newly constructed abode, decorating your interiors need not be complicated. Follow these tips and get professional help if necessary. 

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