Why Animated GIFs in Email Are So Important

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Feb 8, 2024

Animated GIFs play an important role in email marketing, especially in the travel industry. They grab the recipient’s attention and make the message more interesting and attractive. For example, animated GIFs can show the beauty of the beaches and oceans offered by the tour operator, as well as scenic views of cities or attractions that travelers can visit. In addition, animation creates movement effects and illustrates dynamic events well.

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Keep reading to learn more about the importance of animated GIFs in email marketing and the strategies you can implement to achieve success.

Using GIFs in Email Marketing: Why Is It a Good Choice?

The GIF animation format appeared in 1987 but is still at the peak of its popularity. This is a short, repeating video consisting of several frames. Such animated images help convey emotions, create memorable content, explain certain concepts, etc. Emails with GIFs are always engaging. This visual element is great for capturing the audience’s attention.

Adding GIFs to email is especially useful in the travel and tourism industry. For example, you can use animation to show the beautiful views of the places your company offers. Such GIFs attract recipients and motivate them to visit a unique place.

You may also use GIFs as interactive elements. Try, for example, creating GIFs in which the user can click on a specific area to find out more information about a vacation spot. This will provide deeper interaction with your potential clients.

Email Marketing GIF: Benefits for the Travel Industry

Please consider a more detailed list of the benefits you can get from GIF email marketing in the travel industry:

  • Visual appeal. Animated GIFs are very attractive and, therefore, grab customers’ attention. Use them to make your travel proposal stand out from other emails.
  • Destination demonstration. The animation showcases the beauty of various tourist places (beaches, landmarks, cultural attractions). This way, your customers will get an idea of their future travel experience.
  • Specific offers. GIFs help draw attention to certain commercial offers (such as booking discounts or frequent flyer bonuses).
  • Engagement. Animated GIFs can evoke an emotional response. For example, a multi-frame GIF depicting a person who opens a map and starts to plan future trips can create a feeling of fascination and a desire to be in a similar situation.
  • Email open rate. Statistics show recipients are more likely to open emails in GIF format than those with text or static images. Animated GIFs generate interest and increase engagement.
  • Conversion growth. Email animations improve the conversion rate of marketing messages. They help present your services favorably and convince recipients to take action, such as booking a trip.
  • Brand support. Many people supplement their emails with GIF images to strengthen and expand brand awareness. You can also use animation that reflects your company, service, or logo to create a unique and memorable image.

Therefore, GIFs for email marketing are very important. They make emails more interesting and emotionally evocative, which is especially important in the travel industry, where emotional engagement is a key component of purchasing decisions.

Best Practices for Using GIFs in Email Marketing

Here are some effective practices to help you get the best results when using GIFs in your travel email marketing campaigns:

  1. Pay attention to the file size. Emails with GIFs are often large. Therefore, it is important to ensure fast loading even with a slow Internet connection.
  2. Select suitable images. When choosing images, prioritize travel-related ones (landscapes, people, food, or local attractions).
  3. Create an inspiring mood. GIF images help describe the pleasant moments of travel. Try different options to create a cheerful mood in your emails.
  4. Use appropriate text. Don’t forget the importance of supporting content. Attractive GIFs will grab users’ attention, but informative travel content plays a key role in encouraging them to take action.


GIFs increase customer engagement by creating more interactive emails. This is an effective tool for attracting attention to tourism offers and stimulating sales.

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