8 Benefits of Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Families With Pets

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Jan 8, 2024

If you have pets, you know the struggle of maintaining a clean home, free from germs and allergens the pets may bring with them. Here is when the unsung heroes — the robot vacuums cleaners — step into the game. 

Robot vacuums have not only revolutionized the way people maintain their homes but have also brought some incredible benefits for families with pets. Here are eight benefits of robot vacuums for families with pets that make you throw away all traditional cleaning devices and jump straight to robot vacuums. 

1. Low Noise

If your pets get scared whenever they hear a loud noise and start running, hiding, or bumping into objects, there might be a possibility that they are suffering from noise phobia. Noise phobia is triggered when a pet (in most cases, a cat) hears loud noises such as fireworks or gunshots. However, with time they might start getting scared by less loud noises such as that of a vacuum. 

Conventional cleaning vacuums are incredibly loud (80 dB and more) which can be traumatizing for your pets. Comparatively, robot vacuum cleaners produce low noise while working and some models even offer silent modes. This feature not only makes vacuuming a pleasant experience for your pets but also helps them stay stress-free.

2. Collects Pet Hair

No matter how much you spend on your pet’s grooming, you can never really get rid of all the fur in your home (this is particularly true for cats). You will see them fall everywhere, making the floors and carpets messy while potentially increasing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies.

The most important role a robot vacuum plays for a family with pets is collecting pet fur and dander from everywhere. With its strong suction power ranging from 5000 to 8000 Pa and the ability to reach every corner, robot vacuums designed for pet hair excel in gathering pet fur, making your house more breathable. These devices are particularly effective in dealing with the challenges posed by pet hair, ensuring a cleaner living environment.

3. Reduces Allergens

Conventional vacuuming struggles in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This means that dust and debris might pile up there, triggering allergies and supporting the spread of diseases. However, things are way different when you use a smart vacuum.

Robot vacuums provide a spotless finish on floors by picking up allergens in your home’s difficult-to-reach areas. Some robot vacuum cleaners for equipped with HEPA filters will reduce the chances of disease spreading through your pets.

4. Customizable Cleaning Modes

The best thing about robot vacuums is that you can switch between different cleaning modes depending on the surface you are going to use them on. These modes include turbo mode, edge, and spot cleaning, or carpet detection. 

Since these modes can help clean any surface, you can easily use them around your house to clean the mess created by your pet (i.e. mopping the floors after they walk on the floor with their muddy paws).

5. Time-Saving

Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuums are a time-saving and efficient cleaning solution. They also offer features like mopping, self-emptying the dustbin, and self-charging, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it all. All the time you save can be spent with your four-legged buddy.

6. Allows Scheduling

If you want to keep your place clean for your pet when you are not around (or at least want to come back from work to a clean home), smart vacuums have got your back. You can use their app to schedule cleaning, and they will clean your place when you are not home.

You can also use a smart vacuum with a security camera to check when the house is dirty when you are not around and command the cleaner to sweep at that moment. This scheduling and voice integration also comes in handy for disabled people.

7. Pet Safety Features

Traditional vacuum cleaners can be dangerous for your pets. They may end up sucking their tail or paw in, or in some cases (like that of a pet rodent), sucking the whole pet up. The only thing that prevents traditional vacuums from doing this is the user (you).

This raises the concern whether automatic robot vacuums will cause danger to your pets. The answer is built-in pet safety features. Robot vacuums use radar or laser technology to map the room which helps it navigate through furniture, avoiding any obstacles such as moving pets, pet toys, or food or litter box. You can also map the robot vacuums yourself, eliminating prohibited spots (like your cat’s litter box itself).

8. Keeps Your Pet Entertained

Surprisingly, these sleek robot vacuum devices running around in your home can be good entertainment for your pets. Some cat videos on the internet even show cats riding these robots — not only is it an entertainment for them, but could be for you and your guests as well!

You can control the vacuum cleaner with the app or remote control like a toy so your four-legged friend can interact and play with it. And again, since the design of the robot sweeper is pet-friendly, it prevents (in most cases) the pets from getting hurt.

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