Do Window Treatments Improve Your Home’s Resale Value?

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Nov 10, 2022

The construction industry is constantly growing, thanks to innovations coming up every other day. Among the recent innovations in play are window treatments. These are additions to windows, either as modifications or covers, to increase their beauty.

Most homeowners want to know if home additions and modifications affect their home’s value. The home’s value is its current price on the market should you decide to sell. In this case, the question is: Do window treatments improve your home’s resale value?

The answer is yes. If you’re wondering how, this article discusses how they add value.

Window treatments will increase your home’s resale value through the following:

Contributing To Insulation

Insulation is a feature many homeowners hope to achieve in their spaces. It aims to keep indoor conditions stable.

Window treatments increase thermal insulation. Using treatments like wood faux blinds helps retain heat indoors. If you live in a cold, climatic region, it’s a plus and will increase your home’s value. The new homeowner won’t need to invest in heating equipment, reducing expenses. Even if they buy these tools, they’ll get averagely performing ones, which cost less. They’ll be a supplement to the window treatments.

These treatments also increase sound insulation. Sound insulation will greatly increase your home’s value if you live near a busy road, park, or school. Without proper measures, the noise can be a disturbance. The window treatments will increase sound insulation if they’re thick. The sound will get absorbed by the thickness, reducing noise.

Increasing The Home’s Beauty With Faux Wood or Real Wood

The appearance of a home is one of its selling points. The more beautiful a space is, the more it’ll be valuable. No one wants to live in a home that’s not attractive. Therefore, many buyers will want your home that’s beautified through additions like window treatments. The more your property is in demand, the higher your home’s value will be.

There are different window treatments you can adopt for your space. They’re available in different patterns, colors, and themes. For instance, you may choose real wood blinds or faux wood ones, depending on your needs and priorities.

If you prefer authentic wood to add to your home’s overall vibe, you may opt for real wood blinds. On the other hand, you can invest in faux wood blinds if you plan to use window treatments in the high-humidity areas of your space.

If your home has a traditional theme, there are window treatments like plantain shutters that also give off a traditional vibe. The shutters will bring about the continuity of your home’s appearance, enhancing its beauty.

Reducing Energy Bills

Future bills are one of the determinants of a home’s value. If the future homeowner will spend less by living in your home, your home’s resale value increases. Having window treatments will reduce energy bills.

Adopting light-colored treatments like white and cream will reflect heat, making it bounce back to its source. Besides colors, there are materials, like aluminum, that reflect heat away. As a result, you maintain cool temperatures in your space and don’t need to turn on your AC. By not turning it on, you can minimize electricity consumption and reduce your energy bills.

Increasing Window Functionality

Windows let in natural light into your home and give you privacy. Your home’s resale value will increase if you can make your windows execute these functions better.

In most cases, you can only either open or close your windows. Because of this, you can barely get both light and functionality benefits from your windows simultaneously. However, window treatments can make the simultaneous benefits possible.

By investing in treatments with slats, you can adjust them accordingly to meet your needs. If you want privacy while still allowing light, all you have to do is angle the slats upwards or downwards. Thin fabric blinds can also help you achieve this. Closing them allows privacy, while the thin fabric will still allow light to pass through.

Providing Convenience

A major determinant in a home’s resale value is the home’s technology level. The more advanced the technology, the higher the home’s value. The reason is these technologies provide convenience, leading to comfort in the home.

There are window treatments like roller blinds, which you can control using a remote device or software application. If you have these in your home, your home’s resale value will improve, ensuring you get the best deal from the house sale.

Protecting Investments

The new homeowner may bring with them household items like furniture. They expect these investments to serve them for a long time. However, there are situations when this isn’t possible due to surrounding conditions. With your home helping the homeowner prolong the lifespan of their investments, its resale value will likely be high.

Window treatments will help you do this with their ability to control light penetration indoors. By reducing excess UV rays indoors, the treatments can keep furniture and other items from fading fast over time. Otherwise, they’ll have to be replaced, which will cost money and add to the homeowner’s expenses.


Window treatments are an innovation you should consider having in your home. Besides serving you, they’ll also increase your home’s resale value. This is beneficial if you plan to sell your home at some point.

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