How to Make Sure Your Home Insurance Pays Out When You Need it​​

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Nov 18, 2022

Home insurance, and any other kind of insurance, acts as a safety net for those times when disaster strikes.

But unless you do certain things, you could find it’s difficult to receive payouts from your insurance company when you need the money the most.

So, take note of the following ways in which you can ensure your home insurance pays out.

Ensure You Have the Right Coverage in Place

To make sure your home insurance provider pays out, it’s important that you do things before damage or theft occurs.

First and foremost, make sure you have the right coverage in place. For example, if your home is damaged in a hurricane but you don’t have specific hurricane coverage, you probably won’t be able to get a payout from your insurer.

If you don’t have the right insurance coverage in place, you could find yourself in a financial hole, so make sure you get the right coverage before a loss occurs.

You also need to know whether your policy covers the cash value of your belongings or if you need to payout yourself for replacements.

Don’t ever assume that you’re covered for all kinds of home damage. Go through your policy line by line to understand what is covered and take out any additional coverage that you think you might need. If you don’t, you could be caught out.

And don’t assume that something covers you in all events. For instance, you might wrongly assume that water backup coverage is the same as flood insurance.

By carefully looking through your policy and checking any terms you don’t fully understand, you can better ensure your insurance provider pays out when you need it.

Contact a Specialist Local Lawyer if Necessary, e.g. a Florida Hurricane Lawyer

Even when insurance companies are responsible for payouts because you have the right coverage, insurers will try to pay out as little as possible and it can often take time to actually receive the money.

That’s the last thing you want in certain situations.

For example, if your home is severely damaged in a hurricane, which is more likely to occur in a hurricane hotspot like Florida, and you have to find temporary accommodation while your home is being fixed, you’ll need to be able to get your hands on cash as soon as possible.

No one wants complicated haggles with their home insurance companies at such times. Therefore, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced lawyer who can handle the claim on your behalf and assist you in getting the maximum payout quickly.

For instance, Florida’s hurricane damage lawyer at Dolman Law Group has the experience and expertise required to get your claim settled after hurricane damage to your home as soon as possible.

Make Sure Your Home Inventory Is Up-to-date

Another thing you should do ahead of experiencing damage or theft at home is to ensure your inventory of the belongings in your home is up-to-date.

If there’s extensive damage to the items in your home, it will be important that you have coverage in place to cover the cost of replacement, and it’s just as important that everything in your home is listed on your insurance company’s inventory list.

Therefore, anytime you make large purchases of home items, be sure to update your inventory so that you can make sure you can receive compensation for damaged or stolen items.

Maintain Your Property

It’s also important that you maintain your property because home insurance only covers unexpected damage, not damage that occurs due to not regularly upkeeping your home.

If you don’t maintain your home well, things like water damage from a roof leak won’t be covered if you haven’t kept on top of repairs and maintenance.

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