How to Sell a House in Missouri: 6 Tips

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Aug 28, 2023

Getting ready to find a cash home buyer in Kansas City, Missouri? Of course, even the best property in Missouri will struggle if you aren’t prepared for the sale.

Remember, if you’re selling your house without the help of a real estate agent, you’ll be responsible for all the paperwork and negotiations. And although selling your home without a realtor may seem daunting, it isn’t impossible. To help make the process of selling your property in Missouri less challenging, here are six tips you can follow.

1. Decide Your Selling Strategy

There are many ways of selling your property in Missouri. The most popular ones are through a realtor or listing the home as For Sale by Owner (FSBO).

If you choose to hire a real estate agent, you will have the advantage of dealing with someone with extensive market knowledge and professional networks. The realtor will also provide valuable guidance when it comes to pricing, marketing, and negotiating with potential buyers. However, although a realtor can save you energy and time, they will cost you money.

On the other hand, the FSBO option saves you the realtor’s commission and also gives you control over the sale of your property. You also won’t have to spend time choosing which real estate agent to work with. However, you must be ready to advertise, negotiate, and price your property like a pro. Each of the two methods has its pros and cons, and having the advantages and disadvantages in mind can help you decide on the strategy that works for you.

2. Price Your Home

If you want your property to sell fast, you need to price it right. If you price the property too high, the home will linger on the market for days. On the other hand, a very low price will most likely spark a bidding war and may see you leave money behind. Buyers may also think that something is wrong with your property if you price it too low. Thus, ensure your asking price is slightly lower to attract buyers’ interest.

3. Prepare Your Home for Sale

From fixing light fixtures to decluttering, preparing your property for sale can be physically and mentally draining if you’re not well prepared. To make the process easier, here are a few things to consider when getting your home ready for sale:

  • Emotionally distance yourself from your home.
  • Declutter and paint walls in neutral colors.
  • Organize your storage closets and cabinets.
  • Address pet odors and any other foul smell.
  • Remove all the items you plan to keep.
  • Perform necessary repairs.
  • Spruce up the exterior and make improvements.
  • Clean your home and schedule an inspection.

4. Market Like a Pro

Marketing your home is more than just posting a picture and the price. Good marketing ensures you get your home in front of the right people. Here are a few tips that can help you market your property well in Missouri:

  • Focus on online marketing, including social media and real estate websites.
  • Make your listing on the local MLS stand out by adding an intriguing description and quality photos.
  • Search for your property’s address online to know if buyers can find your home.
  • Hire a professional photographer who can take quality photos and highlight your home’s best features.
  • Use open houses to ensure buyers see your home in real time.
  • Make a detailed video of your house and offer a virtual tour.
  • Hire a professional stager to stage your home.
  • Don’t forget to list your home in a local newspaper and also use signs and banners.
  • Sell the neighborhood, too, when marketing your home.

5. Negotiate Offers

The art of negotiation will help you secure the most favorable sale terms for your Missouri property. As a seller, you’ll want to create a bidding war between buyers so as to drive your home price up. As mentioned earlier, you can do this by pricing your home slightly below the market value. Another strategy is to have a deadline for all your home offers. This will encourage buyers who have been on the fence to submit their offers.

Another negotiation strategy you can use if you have multiple bidders is to invite them to make their best and final offers. This will make negotiations easy as you won’t have to negotiate with all bidders.  You’ll also need to put expiration dates on your counter offers to help close the deal quickly.

You can also reject a buyer’s offer without countering. Send a strong message to the buyer that you know your property’s worth. If the buyer is really interested in the property, they will make you a higher offer. Notably, when reviewing whether an offer is the best, read the terms carefully. Be on the lookout for too many unforeseen circumstances. You can also seek the help of an experienced real estate agent to help you decide if an offer is worth accepting.

6. Prepare for Closing

Even with multiple offers, you need to know when to bring negotiations to a close. Dragging negotiations for too long may cause potential buyers to lose interest. After identifying the buyer, it’s time to sign the final ownership paperwork so that the buyer can become the legal owner of the home. To ensure a smooth closing, here’s a checklist you can use:

  • Clean the house and turn off switches and plumbing valves in preparation for the final walkthrough.
  • Provide all house, gate, pool, and mailbox keys, remotes, manuals, and warranties to the new owner.
  • Change your address and utility accounts and cancel your insurance policies.
  • Budget for the closing costs.
  • Gather the paperwork. Some documents that may be needed during closing include a government-issued photo ID, a copy of the ratified sales contract, an original purchase contract, tax records, a home inspection report, homeowners insurance, and proof of wire transfer.


Selling your home in Missouri involves many steps. The above six tips will ensure you’re in full control of your home sale while also making it stress-free.

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