How to Successfully Sell Your Home During the Holidays

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Apr 19, 2023

The holiday season from November through January isn’t exactly the time most people plan to sell their home. However, selling also isn’t a bad time to sell. While this time of year tends to be a bit slower, competition is less fierce and buyers are more serious. This means your home is likely to stand out from the crowd and hopefully sell fast.

Don’t let the thought of selling your home during the holidays dampen your spirit. Here are some ways you can successfully sell your home during the holidays without all the stress.

Price your home to sell

As a seller, one thing you will want to avoid is under or over pricing your home. Under pricing might entice buyers, but the seller will most likely come out short. Over price it and the home stays on the market for longer than intended. Rather than continuously making small price reductions as you go, try and price your home comparatively with similar homes that are currently on the market in your area. This will ensure you sell your home for a price that is fair. A listing agent can help you to find this value through a home valuation.

Seek motivated buyers

House hunting during the holiday season isn’t for the faint of heart. Most buyers entering the market this time of year are looking to buy and buy fast. Therefore, finding and keeping motivated buyers isn’t too hard to do. If you are working with an agent, try to target out those buyers that are needing to move within a stricter deadline. This includes people who are relocating to the area, investors with tax deadlines, college students/staff wanting to buy before the new semester, or military personnel if you happen to live by a base.

Prioritize curb appeal

The leaves have fallen and the trees around your house are bare which means there is more exposure to your home than usual. Your home’s exterior is the first thing that buyers see when they walk up to your home or view it online. If you plan to sell your home this holiday season, be sure to put a little TLC into your home’s curb appeal. Clear out the gutters of debris, touch up on paint, pressure wash the siding and spruce up the front entryway with some fresh foliage. Also be sure to clear any walkways of ice and debris for your potential buyers’ safety.

Deck the halls

The holidays are here, so why not deck your home in holiday cheer? Of course, you don’t want to go full Clark Griswold. Decor that are too extravagant may distract buyers from your actual home. Instead, opt for decor that is minimal yet highlights your home’s best features. Cozy fireplace? Adorn it with  festive garland. Two-story family room? Put up that 10ft tree. If possible, stick to more generic holiday decor rather than religious ones so as not to offend buyers. Also, don’t forget to fill your home with seasonal fragrances like spice or pine. Creating a cozy atmosphere is part of creating a space buyers feel right at home in, especially this time of year.

Take quality real estate photos

The darker fall and winter months make finding great photo lighting difficult. During this slower selling season, you want your home to stand out. Especially online where home buyers tend to start their search. The best way to do this is by hiring out a professional photographer to take real estate photos. A professional photographer knows how to take photos and showcase your home in its best light. Depending on the photographer, they may be able to enhance some of the photos to make the grass look less dull or rooms appear less dark than they are.

Consider video tour options

The cold weather may prevent buyers from wanting to shop for homes in person, but the internet won’t. Fortunately for sellers, the internet has no season. If you plan to sell your home, you are likely going to be posting a listing online. In addition to your quality real estate photos, consider video tour options. With so many buyers already shopping for listings online, a video tour will only allow them to envision themselves living in your home even more. This is especially helpful for those who are relocating and/or simply can’t tour in person due to weather.

Perform winter maintenance

Nobody buying during the hectic holiday season wants to move into a home requiring immediate maintenance and upkeep. Before listing your home on the market, be sure to go around the home and take care of any regular fall and winter maintenance. A few key maintenence tasks to focus on might include checking for any leaks/drafts, getting the chimney/furnace inspected, cleaning the gutters and roof, and clearing the yard of extensive debris. If there is anything that needs to get fixed or repaired to ensure safety and comfort for new buyers, make sure to do so.

Hire a reliable listing agent

The best way to ensure home selling success during the holidays (or any time of the year) is by working with a reliable listing agent. Selling during the holidays is stressful, but having a responsive and knowledgeable agent will make a world of difference. Plus, because agents are not typically as busy this time of year, they will have more time to devote to you and your home. Do some research online and ask around for local recommendations. Finding a good listing to have by your side will help ease your stress and allow you to spend more time enjoying the holidays.

We’re here to help you!

Our team at SimpleShowing understands the challenges that come with selling this time of year. That is why we offer our clients free home valuations, professional home photos, live MLS listing, and of course, guidance from our expert agents.

To help our sellers out even more, we also offer a low 1% listing fee that brings down your total commission to just 4%. Contact us to sell your home successfully during the holidays and save thousands in commission along the way.


The winter holiday season can be a unique time to sell your home. While holidays tend to be associated with fewer buyers in the housing market, this actually leads to less competition among winter home sellers. Serious buyers are often more motivated during the holiday months, and with fewer homes on the market, bidding wars can become more common. Winter buyers are often driven by factors such as property taxes and relocation needs, making them more determined to close the deal. Real estate agents understand these dynamics and can capitalize on the holiday spirit to stage successful open houses.

However, winter sellers must be mindful of the balance between embracing the festive season and overwhelming potential buyers with too many decorations. The national association of realtors often emphasizes the importance of tasteful holiday decorations that enhance rather than distract from the home’s features. Subtle and elegant decorations can capture the essence of the season without detracting from the property’s appeal.

In conclusion, home sales during the winter holiday season can be both challenging and rewarding. By working closely with experienced real estate agents, understanding the unique characteristics of winter buyers, and taking care not to overwhelm with too many decorations, sellers can tap into a market that’s ripe with opportunity. Despite the common perception that early summer is the prime time for home sale, the holiday season offers a chance for sellers to stand out in a market with fewer competitors and engage with serious buyers ready to make a move.

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