Top 5 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Floor In Pristine Condition

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Feb 20, 2024

Considering how cheerful and merry St. Charles is, it is likely that you will often have people over. Most of your guests would notice your home’s flooring (without even realizing it) when they enter your living space. A bright and spotless floor is an instant way to impress them and leave a lasting impression. However, keeping your floors clean at all times can be a hassle. If you have kids or pets, this challenge doubles as they are always up to something. 

While you cannot put a hold on their shenanigans, you can always opt to get high-quality flooring from top-notch and dependable flooring store St. Charles. This will ensure your home has the right flooring that can sustain everyday cleaning, does not stain easily, and doesn’t stress your pockets. 

However, cleaning can still be a challenge, and these tips are a must-try if you are tired of struggling with floor cleaning:

1. Use lower concentrations:

Avoid using higher concentrations of cleaning products under the impression that they will clean your home better. Instead, the concentration solution can start damaging the protective layer on the tiles. 

Instead, focus on cleaning your home more often using smaller quantities of cleaning products. This will ensure your floors are always squeaky clean and have not sustained damage due to chemical exposure.

2. Different floor types need different types of care:

Cleaning needs are different for every type of flooring. Here’s everything you need to take care of:

  • Clean laminate floors with a lightly dampened mop. Avoid using soap-based cleaning products, as they can leave a layer of film on top of the flooring.
  • To clean terracotta tiles, use only products recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • To clean ceramic tiles, use a regular mild cleaner and clean thoroughly. Avoid using wax polishes as they can make the flooring slippery. 
  • To clean vinyl flooring, use a soft brush or vacuum followed by mopping with a damped mop. Avoid using too acidic or alkaline cleaners.
  • To clean wooden floors, sweep regularly and clean using a slightly damped cloth. Wax as needed.

3. Sweep and vacuum frequently:

To increase the efficiency of mopping, consider sweeping or vacuuming the floor before you get down to mopping. Doing so ensures that any dirt, dust, or other debris are removed before they get wet. 

This is an effective way to ensure your home stays clean for longer periods of time. In case your home has carpeted flooring, use a high-pressure vacuum cleaner to remove deep-rooted dirt and debris. 

4. Move heavy furniture with care:

Dragging or sliding heavy furniture may seem convenient, but it can severely damage the flooring and furniture. Instead, it is advised to either lift the furniture while moving across the floor. To make moving easy, consider placing a cardboard or plywood sheet or even a thick piece of cloth underneath the legs of the furniture to protect it from damage. 

The dragging or sliding of furniture can cause dents or scratches on the floor, and if not repaired immediately, they can cause serious damage to the flooring over time. Similarly, consider adding a caster to the legs of heavy furniture pieces to prevent point force from causing damage to the flooring and making it easier to move.

5. Be mindful of product purchases:

Proper floor cleaning can extend the lifespan of the flooring subsequently, and cleaning products play a huge role in it. For instance, laminated floor cleaners prevent damage to the lamination of floors, and hardwood floor cleaners can clean wooden flooring without stripping it of its natural properties. 

Cleaning tools like scrubbers, sweepers, and vacuums are excellent for ensuring adequate cleaning without leaving any corner untouched and preventing any damage to the flooring. 


Cleaning your floors is often underlooked, making them vulnerable to premature damage that can add to additional, often unexpected, repair costs. Just as we need specialized care, our floors are no different. By merely taking precautions with your cleaning products, you can add more years to your flooring. Be sure to use the right cleaning methods and tools to ensure your floors are getting the care and cleaning they need.

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