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Apr 24, 2023

In the early days of podcasting, most major shows could be described as liberal-leaning. But over the last 5 years, particularly since the 2018 election – conservative pundits have carved out quite a large and growing audience.

Here are our picks for the best conservative podcasts:

1) The Morning Wire

The Morning Wire has become a major news program that delivers all the day’s top stories from politics to sports and culture.

2. The Ben Shapiro Show

Ben Shapiro skyrocketed into conservative infamy when he notoriously went into the lion’s den on Piers Morgan Tonight.

3. Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is an American UFC color commentator, podcaster and former comedian. He hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, which is one of the most popular podcasts on the planet. While Joe does not outright align directly with a conservative or politically right philosophy, he has become a comfortable place for centrists and conservatives alike. He discusses current events, comedy, politics, philosophy, science, and hobbies with a variety of guests.

4. The Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly, once a Fox News host, brings a very polished and lively perspective to today’s cultural and political topics.

5. Matt Walsh

The Matt Walsh Show is featured on the Daily Wire and gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues. Matt Walsh is a writer, speaker, author, and one of the religious Right’s most influential young voices. He is known for boldly tackling the tough subjects and speaking out on faith and culture in a way that connects with his generation and beyond.

6. The Charlie Kirk Show

Founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk is one of the premier young conservative voices in the country. The Charlie Kirk Show is one of the fastest-growing conservative podcasts currently out there.

Turning Point is a grassroots, non-profit organization geared at engaging students at predominantly liberal college campuses to expose them to alternative viewpoints.

7. The Dennis Prager Show

Dennis Prager is a conservative talk show host that started the non-profit online social media entity called Prager University.

Prager is widely known for its short video clips on a wide variety of controversial topics.

8. The Mark Levin Show

Mark Levin is an attorney by trade and served in the justice department under the Reagan administration. Levin is also featured on Fox and merges a dry, witty style with powerful arguments against liberal dogma.

Other notable shows:

The Dan Bongino Show, The Candace Owens Show, The Glenn Beck Program, Louder With Crowder, The Sean Hannity Show, The Michael Knowles Show, The Rubin Report.

Best Conservative Books to Read in 2023

American Marxism

by Mark R. Levin

Battle for the American Mind

by Pete Hegseth

2,000 Mules

by Dinesh D’Souza

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In an age where mainstream media often leans towards a particular narrative, the rise of conservative podcasts offers an alternative viewpoint for those who feel sidelined or misrepresented. The conservative movement is about more than just the Republican establishment rhetoric; it encompasses a broad spectrum of voices, each offering their take on the most important news stories of our time. From former secret service agents shedding light on behind-the-scenes details to thought leaders breaking away from political correctness to offer a fresh and honest perspective, these podcasts bridge the gap between talk radio of the past and the digital age.

While the liberal media often dominates the political debates, conservative podcasts provide an avenue for in-depth conversations about the political and cultural issues that matter most. Shows like Turning Point USA offer not just political commentary, but fun and entertaining conversations that challenge the status quo. Whether it’s diving deep into important news stories or discussing the shifting political landscape with a conservative perspective, these podcasts stand as a beacon for free speech and diversity of thought in an increasingly polarized world.

In conclusion, as the tide of political correctness surges, it’s more crucial than ever for audiences to seek out platforms that offer a balanced viewpoint. Conservative podcasts have rapidly become the antidote to the one-sided narratives of the mainstream media, providing listeners with in-depth conversations, fun and entertaining banter, and a lens into the conservative movement that many might not see elsewhere. With voices that range from the likes of former secret service agents to young activists challenging the norms, there’s a conservative podcast out there to enlighten, educate, and entertain every discerning ear.

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