The Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

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Oct 16, 2023

When it comes to living in a city as vast and culturally diverse as Chicago, safety is always at the forefront of many residents’ and potential movers’ minds. Recognized for its rich history, iconic skyline, and deep-dish pizza, Chicago also boasts several neighborhoods well-regarded for their low crime rates and peaceful atmosphere. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago, using data from recent crime statistics and community reviews.

1. Edison Park

The Suburban Feel Within the City

Nestled on the city’s northwest side, Edison Park offers a harmonious blend of urban living and suburban tranquility. Characterized by tree-lined streets, single-family homes, and a friendly community vibe, this neighborhood is ideal for families and those seeking a quieter urban experience.

2. Norwood Park

A Historical Haven

Another northwest gem, Norwood Park, with its unique historical architecture, presents an atmosphere reminiscent of old-world charm. The district is popular among families, thanks to its numerous parks, schools, and low crime rates.

3. Beverly

Culturally Rich and Safe

Found on the far south side, Beverly boasts not only one of the lowest crime rates in the city but also a vibrant cultural scene. Known for its Irish parades and rich arts community, this neighborhood is a perfect blend of safety and culture.

4. Mount Greenwood

A Close-knit Community

Adjacent to Beverly, Mount Greenwood offers a tight-knit community vibe that’s hard to come by in bigger cities. The neighborhood is renowned for its strong community engagement, which translates to a safer environment for its residents.

5. Forest Glen

Nature Lover’s Paradise

Brimming with lush green spaces, Forest Glen is an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts. This serene neighborhood, with its low crime rate and expansive forest preserves, offers a peaceful respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

6. Lincoln Square

An Urban Oasis

Found on the city’s North Side, Lincoln Square exudes a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. With its array of boutique shops, world-class restaurants, and quaint pedestrian pathways, it’s a vibrant neighborhood that hasn’t lost its cozy, village-like vibe. The community here is tightly-knit, further bolstering its safety credentials.

7. Clearing

Quiet and Family-friendly

Situated on the southwest side, Clearing is a predominantly residential neighborhood with a reputation for safety. With well-regarded schools, parks, and community centers, it’s a haven for families looking for a balanced urban-suburban life.

Factors Contributing to Safety in Chicago’s Neighborhoods

Several factors contribute to the safety and security of these neighborhoods:

Community Engagement

The more tight-knit a community, the more they look out for one another. Neighborhoods with active community groups, regular events, and strong local ties often experience lower crime rates.

Police Presence

Regular patrols and an active police presence can deter potential crimes. Many of these neighborhoods have effective community policing strategies in place.


Well-maintained parks, streets, and public spaces can reduce opportunities for crime. A well-lit street, for instance, can deter potential criminals.

Factors That Residents Can Consider for Enhanced Safety

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Residents can actively participate in or initiate neighborhood watch programs. These groups foster a sense of community, with residents looking out for one another, making the neighborhood less appealing for potential wrongdoers.

Safety Workshops

Holding regular workshops on personal safety, home security, and community engagement can raise awareness and empower residents to take proactive safety measures.

Open Channels of Communication

Ensuring open lines of communication with local law enforcement can lead to quicker responses and a more harmonized approach to safety.

Moving Forward

In the vibrant tapestry of Chicago neighborhoods, areas like Lincoln Park stand out not just for their proximity to the mesmerizing Lake Michigan but also for their reputation as safe havens in the Windy City. While the city, like any major urban center, occasionally makes headlines for violent crime, it’s essential to understand that there are numerous safe neighborhoods where the rates of both violent and property crimes are significantly below the average. Many of these secure districts are conveniently located within walking distance of essential amenities and some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Rogers Park, much like Downtown Chicago, exemplifies the city’s dedication to community-building and safety. While it’s natural to come across lists highlighting dangerous neighborhoods, it’s equally vital to spotlight the efforts of Chicago Police officers and local communities working in tandem to ensure residents’ safety. The essence of Chicago isn’t just in its towering skyscrapers or the bustling streets but in the communities that stand resilient, ensuring that the majority of Chicago neighborhoods remain places where families can thrive in a safe neighborhood ambiance.

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