Why You Should Add A Carport To Your Home

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Oct 6, 2023

Just a few years ago, carports were a rare find. Wealthy people living in the country owned them but for everyone else, it was a pipe dream (or just not fashionable).

Now, though, things are changing. Carports are coming of age and everyone wants one.

As you’ll read in the following article, there are multiple reasons for this. Carports, it turns out, solve a lot of annoying problems people face in their day-to-day lives.

The purpose of this post is to explore why carports have become so ridiculously popular and why you should add them to your home.

But first, what is a carport?

What Is A Carport?

A carport is essentially an open-fronted garage. Instead of having a door you need to open, these outbuildings let you drive your car inside seamlessly, without having to step out of the vehicle first.

Carports were originally for carriages. Later, the garage became a popular solution because cars were so prone to rust. Now, though, things are different, and cars can much better withstand the elements than at any other point in their history.

Carports can grow to virtually any size, with some having space for as many as 8 cars. It’s usually easy to scale them up once you have the right building materials and methods.

Why You Should Add A Carport To Your Home

So, let’s get on with the purpose of this post. Why should you get a carport for your home?

Improve The Look Of Your Property

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to get a carport besides the obvious is to make your home look better. A well-appointed fit-out can impress guests and somehow make your home feel more complete and welcoming.

For instance, if you want to make your property feel more substantial, a carport can complement your existing buildings, making the estate more impressive to appeal to buyers.

You can also choose a carport that reflects your property’s architecture and design. The right setup helps you create a theme that dazzles anyone who visits.

Alternatively, some people like installing carports primarily because of what they look like. They are a feature in their own right.

Become More Eco-Conscious

Adding a carport to your home could also help you become more eco-conscious long-term. Protecting your vehicles from the elements could reduce how frequently you need to replace them, lowering your overall carbon footprint.

Protecting your vehicles from the weather also cuts down on how much maintenance they require. For instance, it reduces the need for additional paint jobs or the requirement for seasonal servicing to prepare the vehicle for winter.

Improve Energy Efficiency

If you put your carport in the right place, it can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. Adding the right amount of shade or using the carport to further insulate an exterior wall may reduce your energy bills substantially.

Carports can sometimes generate their own heat, depending on how you build them. For example, if you select the right type of roof, you can actually capture incoming solar energy and keep it trapped, preventing it from escaping and leading to lost heat.

Comply With Local Regulation

In some areas, adding a carport to your property might be the only addition to your home that regulations let you make. Local rules and ordinances may forbid other types of buildings for cars.

Carports are easy structures to assemble because they have one side that’s always open. For this same reason, planners are usually considerably more generous in the type of structure you can build, and the size it can have.

Before constructing a carport, check with local regulations to see what rules are already on the books. Go through them systematically to find out whether you can proceed with your carport in the way you want. Don’t be surprised if you find some rules in there about how tall it can be, and how many cars it can store.

If you are unsure whether your carport will comply with regulations, speak with local planners. These officials can tell you what sort of applications they approve and the rules that apply.

Make Your Life More Convenient

Another reason for adding a carport to your home is to make your life more convenient. It’s far easier to park your car in these structures than a regular garage. And they require less maintenance.

For example, when you get home from work and want to park your car in the garage, you have to first park it several feet from the front door, get out of your vehicle, open the garage door, get back in your vehicle, drive it inside, and then finally close the door. It’s a hassle in the summer, but even worse in winter when temperatures plummet.

Furthermore, you also have to regularly invest in maintenance. Garage doors are highly temperamental and rarely work for longer than a couple of years. When they fail, you have to call someone out to fix them, otherwise, you can’t use the garage at all.

Lower Your Costs

Another reason to add a carport to your home is that they are cheaper than conventional garages, something you can learn more about if you click here.

Why is this? The answer is pretty simple: they require less construction work.

Conventional garages are essentially permanent structures on your property requiring foundations, a concrete base, and expensive fittings to keep them practical. Many people kit them out with electric circuits and even cavity walls.

Carports are much simpler structures. While they perform a similar purpose, they don’t require the extensive construction work of a regular garage. Many slot together using wood or more advanced materials that reduce labor costs.

Use It For Anything

You should also add a carport to your home because you can use it for just about anything. Carports are essentially multi-purpose spaces, similar to a regular outbuilding or garage. Just because the word “car” is in the name, doesn’t mean you need to fill them with your vehicles.

For instance, some people use carports for social gatherings. These structures provide the perfect environment when the weather outside is a little less than perfect but you still want to have the feeling that you’re slightly outdoors.

You can also use carports as a children’s play area, as long as cars aren’t going in and out. It’s easy to keep the mess contained inside a carport and prevent it from seeping into the rest of the home.

Finally, you could simply use your carport as an additional storage space. Long-term, you could save a lot of money versus self-storage while also keeping all your possessions nearby.

Added Value

Adding a carport to your property can also increase its value, which is the main reason many of the readers of this blog want to add it to their homes. Carports can enable you to increase the asking price on a home because it is a standout feature that helps real estate rise above the competition.

Of course, you don’t need to sell your property immediately to reap the benefits. The presence of a carport will add to your home’s value long-term, giving you the option of making a little extra money when you do eventually come to sell it.

Carports usually add most of their construction cost in extra value to your home. Consequently, investing in them rarely loses you any money, particularly if you live in an area of appreciating house prices.

Protection From Hail

Carports also serve as excellent protection from hail, making them particularly helpful if you live in an area prone to this type of inclement weather.

Why? The answer is simple: they are more practical than garages. As discussed above, putting a car in a garage for shelter requires a multi-step process, including leaving your vehicle, opening the door, getting back in your car, driving it into the garage, and so on. This process is a hassle at the best of times, but it can be downright dangerous in a hail storm.

With carports, you avoid this hassle. Simply drive your vehicle into its bay and you’re done.


As you can see from this discussion, adding a carport to your home brings a wealth of benefits. Whether you love your home and want to stay in it or plan on moving out soon, carports are still the answer!

Garages are still popular and many people can benefit from them, but carports are often more attractive and built to exacting specifications. Constructing them with a sense of history and love for the design can make them rustic, characterful additions to your property. Even if you don’t use your carport, it might become a selling point for your home in the future, and it gives your guests options when they bring over their cars.

Just remember, if you are considering adding a carport to your home, check over the local regulations. Authorities can be strict about any carport you might want to install, even if you own the land outright.

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