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Access to our platform, tools, and experts comes at no cost to you, with no commitments or contracts.

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Buy any home through us and get a check back at closing for half our commission - $5,037 on average.

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A standard buying agent's commission is 3%. Our streamlined platform makes our agent's job and our buyer's life easier. So we're able to cut the 3% fee in half and give you back the difference.

*Refunds vary by sale price, market, and are subject to a minimum commission. Refund Terms & Conditions

Isn't using an agent free when you buy?

This is a common misconception, but no. What's really going on is that the commission fee is baked into the price of your home, and the cost is passed onto you when you buy.

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You might be wondering...

Is SimpleShowing a real estate brokerage?

Yes. SimpleShowing is a full-service brokerage, licensed in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. When you work with us to buy or sell a home, we serve as your real estate agent and assist you during every step of the process, just like a traditional agent would — but without the expensive traditional agent fees.

How is SimpleShowing different?

We believe that the prevailing approach of traditional real estate brokers is expensive and outdated. Consumers now have access to more data than every before and can easily search listings online to help find homes they want to see. At SimpleShowing, we believe savvy home buyers should be rewarded for the time and energy they spend looking for their next home — that’s why give them back up to half of the Buyer’s Agent commission at closing.

For Sellers: Technology has made it significantly less expensive for agents to sell a home today than in years past. Meanwhile, as home prices have risen, the amount of money traditional agents make on each transaction has increased as well. We believe this system is broken and unfair. That’s why we charge sellers a low, flat listing fee. They still get the same degree of service and expertise as a traditional agent, but for a fraction of the cost. Thank you, technology!

With our experienced agents, dedicated customer service team, state of the art technology and fast-growing list of clients, SimpleShowing is changing the way buyers and sellers use real estate services.

Which cities and states do you serve?

We are licensed in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. We have agents in the following markets:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Savannah, GA

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