10 Ways To Stage A Property For A Successful Sale In 2023

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Sep 27, 2023

Dressing a property is something that is key when it comes to getting a property sale across the line. While a lot of house buyers might be able to visualize what their life will look like in the home, a lot of people need it to be presented to them physically.

That’s why home staging is an important part of selling your home successfully. Without dressing your property for potential buyers, you might end up finding that a lot of buyers aren’t really interested in pursuing the property any further.

In order to give yourself the best chances of selling your property quickly, here are ten useful ways to dress your property for a successful sale in 2023.

Don’t neglect the front garden for curb appeal

Curb appeal is something that’s highly important when you’re trying to sell a property. Why? Well, it’s the first thing your buyers are seeing, so it’s essential that their first impressions are blown out of the water.

The property’s exterior isn’t always showcased in detail through real estate property profile pages online so it’s a good way to surprise all and any potential buyers.

Pressure wash any brickwork or durable materials that have become worn with dirt over the years. This is a great way to make your exterior surfaces look brand new. Trim up any overgrown shrubs and be sure to remove anything that’s now dead or dying when it comes to plants and flowers.

These are small changes and updates to make to the exterior of the home but will definitely help deliver on curb appeal.

Repair any scuffed walls with wall decor

Scuffed walls aren’t attractive regardless of how small and minute they might be. It’s best to sort these out when you’re trying to dress your home up successfully for a sale.

It might be that you want to simply repaint the walls using the same color or a different color palette altogether. It might also be a good opportunity to take advantage of other wall decor like wallpaper for example.

Sure, it might be somewhat old-fashioned nowadays to opt for wallpaper but there are certainly some beautiful designs to pick from that could really transform the space. You can source here, plenty of wallpaper options, if you’re looking to tidy up the interior walls around the property.

Make sure each room is dressed for its purpose

Every room needs to be dressed for the original purpose, especially if it was once a bedroom and perhaps has since been turned into a study or home gym.

Transforming the rooms back to their original intent is important to reflect the floor plan of the property. Some rooms might have been designed as bedrooms but have been used for different reasons that served a more useful purpose for the homeowners themselves.

To help with dressing the home for a successful sale, be sure to revert every room back to its original intent. Even if that means putting some of the existing furniture in storage until the property sells, it’s all going to contribute to the chances of success your property will have of selling quickly and to the right buyers.

Clear up any clutter and keep it hidden

Clutter can be problematic when you’re trying to sell a home. Why? Well, no buyer wants to see clutter on the floor that’s taking up precious floor space. Even with a bigger home, the more clutter filling up the floor space is going to make the rooms themselves look a lot smaller than they actually are.

Before you go showing anyone around your property, think about how much clutter currently resides in your home. Chances are, you’ve got some degree of clutter in your home that needs to be gotten rid of. If you’re able to hide it, then do but you might find that your clutter is already hidden and taking up too much room.

Clearing clutter is also going to help you prepare for the move to your next property. At least by doing a decluttering, you’re reducing the amount of stuff you’re taking with you to the next home.

Use throws and cushions to cover worn furniture

If there’s any worn furniture that’s causing a real eye sore, then it’s best to try and cover it up temporarily with any soft furnishings you can find. It might be that you have to buy some new soft furnishings in order to cover it completely.

Think of large throws and cushions that can cover any worn or tired-looking furniture. For furniture upholstery that’s really damaged, the more you can cover, the better.

Worn furniture can make a space feel outdated or unkempt. At least by covering it over with some soft furnishings, you’re going to give the illusion of a well-put-together space.

Let in as much natural light as possible

Lighting is crucial to presenting a home space that’s liveable and appealing. Natural light can be incorporated by freeing up any space in front of a window that might be blocking that all-important light.

You might also want to think about incorporating some more mirrors into the space to help reflect the light and bounce it off into the room. Not only do mirrors help with light but they also give the impression that the room is a lot bigger than it actually is.

Letting in as much light as possible is important when showcasing a home. Make sure the blinds or curtains are pulled back fully when showing around any prospective buyers. Even on days when the lighting outside might not be as bright, it’s important to keep those windows bare and open.

On any dismal days, it’s worth popping on the main lights to add the extra light needed to highlight the spaces you’re showing buyers around.

Keep furniture to a minimum for functionality

Furniture should be kept to a minimum when showing buyers around. That might be a little more challenging if you’ve already got a lot of furniture in the home that you plan on moving to the next place. Again, the option of putting some furniture into storage might be useful to present functionality in all of your rooms.

However, if this is an opportunity to clear some of the clutter ahead of your move to the next property, then take advantage of clearing out some furniture ahead of time. It’s a great way to make the space more minimal and gives the buyers more opportunity to walk around freely without needing to bump into all of the furniture placed within the room.

You want to create as little inconvenience as possible when guiding buyers around your home.

Add life and color with indoor plants

Adding life and color to your home for the purpose of staging is useful. No one wants to walk into a space that’s plain and boring. Instead, it’s worth spending a little money on some indoor plants.

Indoor plants do more than just add color to the space, they also give your home a new lease of life. They’re great for the environment and clean the air, making the space feel fresh.

Try to add a few indoor plants within each room, nothing too big but big enough that it leaves an impression within the space. Think about the different types of plants that you can get, depending on the room it’s being placed in. For example, hanging plants are great to put into the bathroom to create a spa-like vibe.

Wipe down all surfaces

As well as doing a deep clean of the property, you should also make sure you wipe down all surfaces before showing buyers around your home.

It’s not just to help give the space a clean and fresh feel, but to also protect your home environment from any germs that might be spread by multiple buyers exploring the property.

Be sure to give all of your surfaces a quick wipe down from the countertops to the door handles. All these little wipe-downs are going to make a big difference in the appearance of your property and every buyer will enjoy being greeted by a fresh, clean smell.

Add a couple of personal touches

Finally, don’t neglect some of the personal touches that you can add to the space. It’s important that your property has personality and doesn’t look too much like a showroom.

These personal touches could be picture frames of you and your family, or little sentimental items that reflect the household in it’s own unique way. It’s not going to take away too much from the property’s overall look but it will certainly add a human element to the home, which is important when you’re trying to convince buyers into purchasing the property.

These tips are a useful way to help dress and stage your home in a manner that will encourage more of your prospective buyers to put in that all-important offer. Make sure to take advantage of all these dressing tips for your home’s sale in 2023.

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