Most Affordable Cities in Georgia

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Apr 24, 2023

Considering a move to the Peach State? Georgia has grown substantially in the last 2 decades and as a result, home prices have skyrocketed. That being said, there are plenty of affordable cities in Georgia that you can still move to.

Most of the cities with the lowest priced homes in Georgia are in the southern part of the state and also in the central part of the state.

Cheapest Cities in Georgia

Here are the most affordable places to live in Georgia. If you want to buy a house for under $250,000, the best places to look will not be in Atlanta or near the coast. Instead, focus your search outside of the Atlanta metro and away from the beaches.

1) Albany, GA: Nestled on the Flint River, Albany offers a blend of Southern charm and history. Home to the Flint RiverQuarium and Civil Rights Institute, the city delves deep into nature’s wonders and Georgia’s past. Home prices are about $192,000 on average.

2) Moultrie, GA: Known for its historic downtown and the Sunbelt Agricultural Expo, Moultrie is a hub of agricultural innovation and timeless Southern hospitality. Home prices are about $184,000 on average.

3) Augusta, GA: Best known for hosting The Masters golf tournament, Augusta boasts a rich heritage, scenic riverwalk, and a vibrant arts scene along the Savannah River. Home prices are about $237,000 on average.

4) Columbus, GA: Perched on the Chattahoochee River, Columbus presents an intriguing mix of outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting and historical landmarks, including the National Civil War Naval Museum. Home prices are about $221,000 on average.

5) Dublin, GA: A city with Irish flair, Dublin celebrates its heritage with events like the annual St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Its historic downtown and lush parks add to its appeal. Home prices are about $198,000 on average.

6) Statesboro, GA: Home to Georgia Southern University, Statesboro pulses with youthful energy. Its agricultural roots and cultural events, like the Bluegrass Festival, offer diverse experiences. Home prices are about $216,000 on average.

7) Waycross, GA: Gateway to the Okefenokee Swamp, Waycross is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The city’s railroad history and Southern character make it uniquely captivating. Home prices are about $204,000 on average.

8) Tifton, GA: Dubbed the “Friendly City,” Tifton attracts visitors with its Agrirama museum and vibrant downtown, reflecting its agricultural heritage. Home prices are about $231,000 on average.

9) Americus, GA: A testament to history and humanity, Americus is home to the global Habitat for Humanity headquarters and the Windsor Hotel, a beautiful relic from the 1890s. Home prices are about $207,000 on average.

10) Dalton, GA: The “Carpet Capital of the World,” Dalton is renowned for its flooring industry. Beyond carpets, the city offers rich Civil War history and the stunning beauty of the North Georgia mountains. Home prices are about $234,000 on average.

Our Picks for Most Affordable Cities in Georgia

These cities are not the cheapest, but they’re also still quite affordable and might provide a better quality of life versus the options above.

1) Athens, GA: Famed for its vibrant music scene and historic architecture, Athens pulses with youthful energy as the home of the University of Georgia. Its blend of Southern charm and modern innovation creates a unique cultural hub. Home prices are about $267,000 on average.

2) Savannah, GA: Enveloped in cobblestone streets and draped in Spanish moss, Savannah is a historic gem of the South. Its hauntingly beautiful squares, antebellum architecture, and riverside allure make it a must-visit. Home prices are about $271,000 on average.

3) McDonough, GA: Known for its charming square and iconic Geranium Festival, McDonough encapsulates the essence of small-town Southern life while being conveniently close to the bustle of Atlanta. Home prices are about $279,000 on average.

4) Conyers, GA: Nestled just east of Atlanta, Conyers boasts the scenic wonders of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area and a historic Olde Town, making it a blend of nature and tradition. Home prices are about $284,000 on average.

5) Carrollton, GA: Home to the University of West Georgia, Carrollton offers a mix of academic pursuits and recreational pleasures, from its cultural arts center to its inviting GreenBelt trail. Home prices are about $289,000 on average.

6) Cartersville, GA: A city rich in history and art, Cartersville dazzles with attractions like the Booth Western Art Museum and the ancient Etowah Indian Mounds, preserving Georgia’s storied past. Home prices are about $296,000 on average.

7) Rome, GA: Settled between seven hills at the confluence of three rivers, Rome’s beauty is only surpassed by its storied history, from its Victorian-era homes to the Berry College campus, one of the world’s largest. Home prices are about $299,000 on average.

These two lists above are packed full with great options. But if you want to bump up your budget and splurge, check out our list of best places to live in Georgia.

Resources for Moving to Georgia

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Conclusion: Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia

In the quest to find the most affordable housing in the Peach State, the correlation between median home price and median household income in cities becomes ever more pertinent. Georgia, with its diverse landscape from South Georgia to the Metro Atlanta area, boasts a myriad of cheapest places to live, offering housing costs significantly below the national average.

If you’re hunting for the cheapest city based on median home value, remember to weigh it against the median income of its residents. Some cities, although they might be about an hour’s drive from main urban centers, stand out for their blend of low living costs and commendable median household incomes. The beauty of Georgia lies not just in its rich history and scenic beauty but also in its promise of affordable living.

Those looking to make the most of their earnings should consider housing costs as a proportion of median income, and by this measure, Georgia offers many an oasis. Whether it’s the allure of the Metro Atlanta area or the rustic charm of South Georgia, potential homeowners are bound to find regions with the lowest cost and considerable value for money. It’s a delicate balance, but Georgia has mastered the art of presenting affordable housing options without compromising on quality.

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