The 8 Best Elementary Schools in Forsyth County, Georgia

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Apr 5, 2023

Every parent wants the best education possible for his or her child. As a result, it is common to want to live in an area where that can be possible.

For those who live in Forsyth County or are planning to move to this area, you can find some of the highest ranked elementary schools in Georgia. But what sets them apart? What makes each of them distinct?

Below, we will explore the 8 best elementary schools in Forsyth County by breaking down important details such as student body size, student-to-teacher ratio and even standardized testing proficiencies.

Whether you are moving to Forsyth County, Georgia or are simply looking for the best option for your child’s education, this list should help you pick a great school for your son or daughter.

The 8 Best Elementary Schools in Forsyth County, Georgia

While each of these schools holds a spot on the list for the best elementary schools in Forsyth County, they are also top-rated schools in all of Georgia.  In short, you can’t go wrong with any of these elementary schools.

1. Vickery Creek Elementary

Vickery Village Homes
  • Students: 892
  • Student to teacher ratio: 17:1
  • Math Proficiency: 91%
  • Reading Proficiency: 93%

If you are looking for the absolute Best Elementary School in Forsyth County, not to mention all of Georgia, then look no further. Plus, it’s a stones throw to Vickery Village!

Vickery Creek Elementary tops both of those lists. With an overall A+ grade from, and a 10/10 rating from Great, it’s no wonder so many parents seek enrollment in this top school for their children.

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2. Big Creek Elementary School

Big Creek Elementary
  • Students: 735
  • Students to Teacher ratio: 14:1
  • Math Proficiency: 96%
  • Reading Proficiency: 85%

Coming in at number two on our list for the 8 best elementary schools in Forsyth County is Big Creek Elementary School.

Big Creek Elementary is the oldest school in Forsyth County that’s still in operation. In fact, this school’s proud community celebrated its 80th anniversary this year. The original school building had no electricity and the drinking water came from a well in the school yard. Since then, the school has seen many updates with 9 renovations and additions.

With only 735 students in grades pre-K to fifth, Big Creek Elementary School comes in way below the state average with a student to teacher ratio of 14:1. If you want a little more one-on-one time with the teacher for your child, then Big Creek Elementary might be a good choice for your family.

Big Creek Elementary is an amazing school and has proven this with the recognition it has received as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2001, 2011, and in 2017 and as a Georgia School of Excellence.

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3. Daves Creek Elementary School

Daves Creek Elementary
  • Students: 1,212
  • Students to Teacher ratio: 17:1
  • Math Proficiency: 96%
  • Reading Proficiency: 89%

In 2019, Daves Creek was named a National Blue Ribbon School. This recognition is based on a school’s overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps. Only six schools in Georgia received this honor in 2019 and that alone speaks volumes about the commitment the teachers have here.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the coveted National Blue Ribbon Schools award affirms the hard work of educators, families, and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging and engaging content.

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4. Brookwood Elementary School

Brookwood Elementary School
  • Students: 1,059
  • Students to Teacher ratio: 17:1
  • Math Proficiency: 88%
  • Reading Proficiency: 81%

Brookwood Elementary School’s vision is to inspire lifelong learners to be the leaders of tomorrow. They accomplish this through their mission of empowering and encouraging all students to reach their academic potential and to actively participate in school and the community.

Teachers and support staff at Brookwood Elementary engage students on all ability levels to reach their maximum potential with technology as an integral part of their instruction.

At Brookwood Elementary, students participate in mentoring younger students and together help plan and carry out community-based projects throughout the year.

Also named a National Blue Ribbon school in 2017, Brookwood Elementary would be an excellent elementary school for any child.

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5. Settles Bridge Elementary School

Settles Bridge Elementary
  • Students: 1,048
  • Students to Teacher ratio: 16:1
  • Math Proficiency: 88%
  • Reading Proficiency: 79%

At Settles Bridge Elementary School, the motto is to “Be a star no matter where you are”. This motto is spoken and encouraged amongst the 1,048 students speaking over 22 languages.

Settles Bridge Elementary School in south Forsyth County was also named a 2018 National Blue Ribbon School, showing that striving for excellence, rising above challenges and shining no matter where you are can make a difference. By focusing first on building close-knit relationships between classes and staff members, they have found the power to strive for academic excellence together.

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6. Mashburn Elementary School

Mashburn Elementary
  • Students: 711
  • Students to Teacher ratio: 14:1
  • Math Proficiency: 78%
  • Reading Proficiency: 75%

Mashburn Elementary has the privilege of being the only school on this list participating in the Dual Language Immersion Program.  This program takes native English and Spanish speaking students and divides their day between Spanish and English instruction with the hope of eventually graduating a class of fully fluent, bilingual and bi-cultural speakers. To be eligible to participate in the Dual Language Immersion Program, Mashburn Elementary first had to apply and then undergo rigorous training. Additional staff was also brought on as specialized Dual Language Immersion educators.

Interested in your children becoming fluent in Spanish? Mashburn Elementary School may be just the right place for you.

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7. Shiloh Point Elementary School

Shiloh Point iRun Fundraiser
  • Students: 1,313
  • Students to Teacher ratio: 15:1
  • Math Proficiency: 83%
  • Reading Proficiency: 72%

Shiloh Point Elementary School is known for its community. You can see the investment in this school and the education of the children by not only the parents and teachers, but also the community in general.  Whether it is the annual golf tournament in May or the iRun 5K race in October, which have raised over $300,000 for the school in the past six years, this community rallies around Shiloh Point for whatever it may need.

Shiloh Elementary School is an excellent school with not only dedicated teachers and administrators, but also a thriving community who believe in the education of their students.

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8. Sharon Elementary School

Sharon Elementary Garden
  • Students: 944
  • Students to Teacher ratio: 17:1
  • Math Proficiency: 91%
  • Reading Proficiency: 85%

Last but not least, Sharon Elementary School is on our list of the best elementary schools in Forsyth County.  What sets Sharon Elementary apart from the rest isn’t just their A+ ranking by, it’s also the way the students, staff and the surrounding community of Sharon Elementary are genuinely invested in sustainability.

In 2019, Sharon Elementary was recognized as a Green Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. This award is given to schools and school systems that reduce their environmental impact, improve the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff, and provide effective environmental and sustainability education.

At Sharon Elementary, they have taken sustainability to a whole new level by implementing new measures to reduce their global footprint in all areas of the school such as the cafeteria, the carpool line, and even in the surrounding community by cleaning up the roads.  

If having a larger impact on the surrounding community and world is important to you, then you should consider Sharon Elementary School.

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Forsyth County public schools stand as a beacon of excellent academic and extracurricular programming. Their elementary schools provide an impressive start for the young minds that will later transition into middle schools and high schools within the same robust system. The eight institutions profiled here truly exemplify the quality education, dedicated faculty, and enriching environments you can expect from public schools in Forsyth County, Georgia. A good foundation at the elementary level ensures seamless integration into higher levels of learning, where the dedication to academic excellence continues.

If you’re looking for a nurturing environment to kickstart your child’s educational journey, look no further than the public school system of Forsyth County. These elementary schools are well-equipped to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Their commitment to academic achievement, character development, and inclusivity is unwavering and evident in the outstanding middle schools and high schools they feed into. Parents can rest assured, knowing their children are in good hands, being prepared to face future educational challenges and seize opportunities. Forsyth County, Georgia, truly is a cradle of educational excellence.

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