How to Securely Purchase a Hotel in Bali: 6 Essential Steps

Jan 30, 2024

In recent years, Bali has become a popular destination for tourists and investors. With its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and friendly people, it’s no wonder that many people are interested in purchasing hotels in Bali. However, purchasing a hotel in Bali can be a complex process, and it’s important to understand the steps involved to […]

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Jan 29, 2024

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Navigating New York: A Foreign Buyer’s Guide to the City’s Real Estate Market

Jan 18, 2024

Welcome to the dynamic realm of New York City real estate! This guide serves as your compass through the bustling metropolis, offering invaluable insights for foreign buyers aspiring to navigate this vibrant market and finally buy property in New York. Whether you’re seeking investment opportunities or a place to call home in the Big Apple, […]

7 Things to Know Before Buying a Home Overseas

Dec 27, 2023

Different countries have different rules when it comes to foreign property ownership. Some nations welcome it with open arms, offering easy paths to ownership.

How Real Estate Can Shape Your Citizenship Journey? A Guide by the Global Residence Index

Dec 22, 2023

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Exploring Vietnam: A Guide to Flat Investments in the Booming Real Estate Market

Dec 19, 2023

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The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate in France

Dec 19, 2023

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Dubai’s Real Estate Market: A Guide for Investors

Dec 7, 2023

With its various investment options, customer focused regulations, and the quality of lifestyle on offer Dubai stands as a prominent global destination for anyone looking to invest in real estate.

What is an Off-Market Property, and How Do You Find Them?

Oct 23, 2023

Off market properties are hidden gems that can offer unique opportunities, whether you’re looking for your dream home or seeking an investment with great potential.

Owning Property Abroad: US Expat’s Guide to Taxes

Oct 19, 2023

Capital gains tax may appear challenging, particularly for US expats managing overseas property. However, with the right information, professional guidance, you can navigate these tax matters confidently.

Jakarta’s Residential Allure and Real Estate Opportunities

Oct 17, 2023

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The Perfect Base for Digital Nomads: Owning an Apartment and Living in Bali

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3 Best Places for Buying Property in Dubai

Sep 15, 2023

Considering buying property in Dubai? Explore our detailed guide to discover the 3 best areas and districts.

Tax Considerations for Foreign Nationals Purchasing US Real Estate

Sep 14, 2023

The United States doesn’t demand citizenship or permanent residency for real estate ownership, but it does have specific tax requirements for non-residents.