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Georgia Real Estate

Georgia Real Estate

Georgia Real Estate

Bungalow Homes: The History of Bungalows & Where to Find Them

Feb 24, 2023

Traditional bungalows are darling homes with a history just as quaint. Learn about their characteristics and see if these features and charm will work for you!

The 5 Best Areas to Live in Atlanta, Georgia

Dec 17, 2022

From a Top, Local Real Estate Brokerage: Our list of the "5 Best Intown Neighborhoods", plus the "5 Best Atlanta Suburbs" outside of the city.

How Much are Closing Costs in Georgia?

Feb 21, 2023

Here's a breakdown of closing costs you should expect to pay when buying or selling a home in Georgia and ways to reduce these costs before closing.

What Is the Real Estate Commission in Georgia?

Mar 1, 2023

The real estate commission in Georgia is an important cost that impacts every home sale. We explore the typical commission rate and fees for sellers and buyers.

The Best Atlanta Suburbs

Mar 18, 2023

Check out our list of the 8 Best Atlanta Suburbs including Milton, Cumming and more! Learn what makes these suburbs the best in the Georgia.

Best Real Estate Agents in Cumming, Georgia

Oct 29, 2022

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Cumming, GA, we’ve put together a list of top rated agents in the Forsyth County area.

First Time Home Buyer Programs in Georgia

Dec 7, 2022

If you're a first-time homebuyer, Georgia offers various loan and grant programs throughout the state that make home ownership more affordable.

8 Hottest Atlanta Intown Neighborhoods (2023)

Mar 18, 2023

The city of Atlanta is booming with new developments. Check out this list of the top 8 Hottest Intown Neighborhoods in Atlanta right now!

What Is the Cost of Living in Atlanta, Georgia?

Dec 4, 2022

Atlanta is a fantastic place to live. The cost of living may or may not be so beneficial depending on where you're moving from.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Living in Atlanta?

Dec 16, 2022

Living in Atlanta has its benefits, but it also has its disadvantages. Check out our list of pros and cons to decide if living this city is ideal for you!

Best Elementary Schools in Fulton County

Aug 21, 2021

Fulton County has many elementary schools providing quality education to students. Here are few of the top elementary schools in the area.

Moving Guide to Columbus, GA

Jun 28, 2021

Moving to Columbus, GA? Columbus is a perfect home for everyone young, old, single, or with families. Check out our guide for your future move.

What is the Jumbo Loan Limit in Georgia?

Jun 21, 2021

A jumbo loan is one way to buy a high-valued home home. Borrowers of these loans are required to have a low DTI ratio and a high credit score.

The 11 Best Places to Live in Georgia

Jan 27, 2023

Georgia is widely recognized as one of the best places to live in the Southeast and these are the 11 best places to live in state.

The 10 Best High Schools in Georgia

Dec 7, 2020

If you’re moving to Georgia and have children, schools are important. Fortunately, the 10 best high schools in the Georgia have a lot to offer.

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